The Berlin Street Wear You Need To Own

Wemaisnone is a young, Berlin-based streetwear brand inspired by Berlin’s anonymity and rough edges. The brand creates clothing for urban subcultures. The clothing addresses social structures and norm in which identity is easily lost. We spoke to the founder about what exactly Wemaisnone truly represents.



Image by: Florian Köllisch

How did Wemaisnone first develop and launch?
Wemaisnone is a startup streetwear brand run by 3 friends. We were just always talking about streetwear hanging out like 24/7 and we just decided that we would buy some hoodies as blanks in 3 XL, retailer them to have an oversized fit but to still look normal and lastly put some üprints on them. We soon after decided that we liked the design and that we would sell them to our friends. But we saw an opportunity to start something and designed crewnecks and long sleeves and had a pop-up store/ launch event for our ss17 collection, back in February.

We had an open bar and two DJs, one of which you can also check out on Soundcloud, he goes by MCNZI, that were taking care of the music. It was a good day. We then sat down and said that we should open an online shop as we were getting requests from people we didn’t know on Instagram about where they could purchase our clothing. So we launched at this event and have now launched our online store that is where we are right now.

Being about Berlin streetwear, can you describe to us your inspirations behind the label?
Yeah. Berlin is a place that does not really have an established streetwear scene yet. Just like rap is not that mainstream here yet either, german streetwear has not made it to the popular culture here we would say. There are a few examples in Berlin of course. Skaters launching their own streetwear brands and so on. But our label was inspired by the idea that it is easy for people to lose their identity to brands like Supreme or Stussy or other skater brands. Don’t get us wrong we respect skatewear brands to the fullest especially our fellow Berlin based brands. Skaters have a huge impact on streetwear, on the way we personally dress. But we wanted to create a brand that was not about skating because quite frankly, we don’t skate nor are we in the skating scene at all. Our brand is

Skaters have a huge impact on streetwear, on the way we personally dress. But we wanted to create a brand that was not about skating because quite frankly, we don’t skate nor are we in the skating scene at all. Our brand is very universal in that sense. Our original “me.” hoodie, with the prints “nothing to prove, no one to impress” on the sleeves, and “me.” on the chest, can be applied to every individual. Everyone has an identity that they can apply these phrases too. It’s like our hoodie is a canvas that is halfway painted, and whoever wears it truly completes the artwork with his or hers identity.

Image by: Florian Köllisch

When you envision someone wearing Wemaisnone, what would their day look like?
That’s the thing although we do have like an idea of what the person wearing our stuff would do that day, probably hang out with friends, drink a beer and listen to music, we feel like the messages we put out are so universal that anyone could be wearing one of our products.

The androgynous nature of the clothing challenges social norms and structures, but how do you think the identities can be easily lost?
Well, it’s a simple matter of the insane amount of impressions there are in society. Whether it be in advertisement movies etc. there are so many things that shape our identity it is very hard to still understand who we really would be without all of that. We believe clothing is an ideal way to challenge this. Designers use out of the box designing techniques in high fashion to challenge norms, and evoke feelings of identity, we as streetwear creators use challenging prints.

Image by: Florian Köllisch

We’ve noticed you’ve kept some pieces yet to be launched, when are you releasing the rest of the collection?
The pieces yet to be launched was our original design. The hoodie was sold out and we had to restock on it. The online launch of the hoodie will happen sometime in the next few weeks!

And lastly, what does the rest of 2017 hold for a brand like Wemaisnone?
2017 is about planning and establishing. How do we reach people? How do we convince them we have something important to address? And how do we move on from printing things on blank hoodies and retailoring them. 2017 for Wemaisnone is about figuring out what comes next. 2017 is about spreading the word.

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