The 7 Images That Influenced Tora’s Album

Sitting at over 20 million streams, having played the likes of Glastonbury and Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay electronic four-piece Tora today announce their debut album Take A Rest.  Set for release this week, the outfit has already dropped the second cut from the album – the lush, layered sounds of ‘Another Case, which they will perform live on their national album tour this June before heading to Europe and the UK. With the release of their album, these were the images that influenced exactly that.

  1. This photo was taken at like 4:30 am, June 2015 I think, in Michelstadt, Germany.

    We spent quite a bit of time jamming in that apartment in between playing shows across Europe, it was like a middle house that we kept coming back to. We wrote the majority of track 13 ‘Want Me Gone’ in this place and shared many other experiences that inspired us here.

  2. This is the house Jai’s mother lives in.

    We were lucky enough to have this space to ourselves for a month, so we brought all our gear up there and made it real cosy. A lot of the recording was done here, and a big chunk of the producing happened in that period. Basically, we turned our demos into an album here.

  3. Sort of continuing on from the last photo, this is the garden at the same house.

    We sampled a lot of different sounds in this place and placed them in different parts of the album. Sounds of flies, garden tools, flicking cactuses, insects, washing machine and basically anything else we could find indoor and out.

  4. This was actually our first ever night in Amsterdam.

    I guess you could say it is blatantly an influence for track 7 ‘Amsterdam’. It’s a beautiful city.

  5. This photo was taken before our first ever show in Paris.

    I remember we drove around for at least 3 hours trying to find a parking lot with a high enough roof for our van to fit in. After the show, we went to a bar with some of the locals we had met, but we had to leave at 2 am because for some reason we hadn’t booked a hotel in Paris. So 2 of the girls ended up jumping in the van with us to drive like 6 hours to Mainz in Germany. Just one of many experiences that occurred during the period that we wrote the album.

  6. This photo was us the next morning in Mainz.

    Feeling real scattered having not yet slept and realising that we couldn’t get into our rooms for another 8 hours, meanwhile our new french friends (both looking confused in this photo) also realising they had to work the next day, so they jumped in a car and drove straight back to Paris. The following night we had most of our stuff stolen from our van, this was a very low point for us all, but an important lesson and a humbling experience that contributed to the album in form of inspiration.

  7. We had an overnight drive ahead of us between Kansas City and Chicago.

    After a run of shows in the States with our mates Safia, so we bought like $200 of fireworks and went looking for a place to spark them. We pulled off the highway onto some random road in the middle of nowhere and walked onto an open field to have some fun. Shortly after this photo was taken, we heard gunshots from an angry farmer roughly 300 meters away, so we jumped in the van a drove away immediately. By the time we got home from that 7 month journey, it was time for us to ‘Take A Rest’.



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23 June / Howler / Melbourne
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