Tora Brings The Melbourne Museum to Life

Two years on from their debut album release, today Tora reveal their second offering Can’t BuyThe MoodThe 13-track album features already released singles ‘Similar‘, ‘Paramount‘, ‘Can’t Buy The Mood‘, ‘Morphine‘, ‘Tiger‘, and ‘Deviate‘ – all of which Tora played live through their statewide album tour.

Whilst Can’t Buy The Mood was primarily made in the Byron area, the band also ventured into iconic studio spaces in LA, London and Amsterdam to work on the album. Completely written and produced by the band themselves, they also did all the design and artwork, completing an artistic vision which was key to the holistic experience of the album. With field recordings once again a key feature, the album is 13 tracks full of lush grooves and intricate moments.

Image By: Jackson Loria

My only worry was that there is no amount of time in the world enough for them to play a live set, an hour and a half into the show we were still wanting more. We went on to buy their vinyl to have on repeat to try and bring back the memories from their live gig at the Melbourne Museum.

In front of a plethora of butterflies, dinosaur remains and a taxidermy room that has the strongest of us second-guessing, Tora absolutely rocked it. Their melodic rhythms that were in sync with their smooth and soulful vocal lines was the perfect lining to an incredible venue.

If you get a chance to see them play live over the summer, then this is one band you don’t want to miss!

If you haven’t already bought their album – Can’t Buy The Mood, then you can buy that right here:

Image By: Jackson Loria



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