The Top 7 Productions That Third Son Loves The Most

Third Son quickly made his mark in the techno scene and he’s shown no sign of slowing down. He’s gone from a relatively unknown artist to one-to-watch, to the highly respected international producer/live DJ he is today – all within a two-year period.

The London-based, 26-year-old came from a musically-trained family who got him involved from an early age. With a natural desire to create, and a love for electronic music, Third Son quickly thrived as an artist. He had 18 tracks in Beatport’s top 100 in 2015 alone. Having an incredible collection of records, we asked Third Son about his most loved top 7 most loved productions.

1. Third Son – Refuge (Original mix)

For me, good music always evokes an emotion or feeling. Whenever I play this I get a real sense of nostalgia which can be a powerful thing.

2. Third Son – Black Matter (Original mix) 

I think this track is one of the most memorable ideas I’ve come up with of late. Its not so club ready, but sometimes I end a set with it.

3. Third Son – The Girl Reprise (Original mix)

The second part of a two part idea based on Debussy’s – The Girl with the Flaxen Hair

4. Third Son – The Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Original mix) 

The first part…

5. Third Son – Melancholia (Original mix)

I release this one on my label Polymath. Everything fits together nicely, and is one of the first tracks I made using nearly all analogue gear.

6. Third Son – Climb to the Sun feat. Haptic (Darlyn Vlys remix) 

Darlyn has great taste. I’ve worked with him a lot in the past, and he’s certainly one to look out for.

I also love working with Haptic on the original. Everything he sends me is gold.

7. Third Son – Anno Domino (Original mix)

A go-to track for me if I need something a bit more clubby. The Moog-y break works well on big systems.

Tour Dates
Thursday 6th April: Electric Rush, Queenstown
Friday 7th April: Revolver, Melbourne
Saturday 8th April: Jam Gallery, Sydney


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