Thievery Corporation Release Their Incredible 11th Album

It must be litmas, because all I want to do is kick back on some bean bags in a haze of smoke and bliss out to Thievery Corporation’s latest offering.

Artists normally start to lose their edge at around that 4-5th album mark; however, the duo of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have just released their eleventh, and I’m still not even close to growing tired of them. It’s good news then for TC fans that when compared to their past efforts, Treasure from the Temple has the Washington duo pleasantly treading similar water. As a bonus though, they also deliver a couple of unexpected gems.

With guest vocals from artists like Argentinean songstress Natalia Clavier (‘Water under The Bridge’) and Jamaican lyricist Racquel Jones (‘Letter From The Editor’), the album features plenty of collaborators to keep the album absorbing throughout. And with tracks like ‘San San Rock’ and ‘Destroy the Wicked’ feat. Notch, your reggae tastebuds certainly won’t go hungry either.
But let’s talk about those aforementioned gems…

A definite highlight has to be the carefree-sounding ‘Voyage Libre‘ feat. Loulou Ghelickhani. The vocals are sung entirely in French, and even though I have no idea what she’s saying, I wouldn’t want it delivered in any other way. The real surprise here is the American duo’s production, a definite standout with its unexpected modern twist. You could just as easily find ‘Voyage Libre’ on a Flight Facilities record or hear it on Triple J – and I mean that in the best possible way.

Joy Ride’ fear. Mr. Lif and Sitali is another stone-cold winner. That hip-hop beat is reminiscent of an old A Tribe Called Quest jam, and the vocals (the second track on the album to feature Mr. Lif and Sitali) makes it a classic windows-down, turn-the-volume-up number.

In recent news, the LP  just hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart, and it’s really easy to see why: It is jam-packed with their trademark diversity, style and class. Treasures From The Temple is more than just a worthy addition to their catalogue, it’s a definite candidate for being the one fans look back on the most fondly. It’s a yes from us.

Thievery Corporation ‘Treasures from the Temple’s is out now through ESL Music.

Review by Janice MacGregor


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