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Welcome to The Petting Zoo! A new series of immersive day festivals, incorporating the best music, food, art and production Melbourne has to offer. The founders admit they needed a forklift to pick up their jaws up off the floor and we suggest you book yourself one too.

This is a day festival that has everyone talking, how did the idea first begin?
At the time when the idea was born we all worked full time desk jobs. We knew the lifestyle that goes along with a corporate job didn’t suit us. By the end of the week we were super stressed and just over it. Going out on the weekend was our escape. For over 2 years straight we were at whatever was on at Revs, The Railway Hotel and or Brown Alley.

One weekend after a few, a friendly conversation between Adam and Gid about what their DJ names would be conjured up “The Petting Zoo”. Once further discussed we thought it would be a perfect name for an event and immediately fell in love with how it encapsulates what we are trying to do: Create an open, safe place for all to come and let their inner animal run free and have ridiculous amounts of fun.

Everyone these days seems to be stressed with life in general. Our vision was to create a new style of day festival that promotes balance. Planning began at Adam’s house, three mates, after work, sitting at the kitchen table with their laptops.ThepettingzooAnd then how has it developed to potentially being host to 4000 punters?
We spent months trying to locate a really special space that would bring something new to the scene in Melbourne. Our search wasn’t yielding anything that wowed us and one day, all by chance a good mate of ours Josh called Ash to discuss a property that he had access to. Josh was super keen for us to come and check it out.

Our first site visit required the onsite forklift to pick our jaws up off the floor. We had not seen anything like it before. In the following days after seeing the property we partnered with Josh to make our team a strong group of 4. Since joining forces, we have worked together with planning professionals and the local council to ensure we can develop this site into a multi-faceted community event space that is used all year round.

We can’t wait to drop the curtain on it! thepettingzoopigBeing only 3km from the CBD, can you tell us anything more about why you chose this dynamic space?
Well we’ve all been extremely lucky to travel the world and see some of the most unique event locations. Places like Sisyphos in Berlin and Green Valley in Brazil opened our eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved when creativity, old buildings and open spaces are combined.

The timing of Josh’s phone call was uncanny, we fell in love straight away and decided we had to make it our own. There are similar projects in Byron Bay and Sydney but nothing like it here in the world’s best city. We are super excited to launch our venue’s brand, website and Facebook page that will keep you all engaged with what is happening on site.

The Petting Zoo TeaserHey animals!

We are working super hard to bring you guys the best experience possible.

Here is a small teaser of what you will encounter at the zoo!!

Can’t wait to see you all there! 🙂

The Zoo Keepers

Posted by The Petting Zoo on Wednesday, June 29, 2016


There has been a plethora of festivals already capitalizing on the Australian market, what makes The Petting Zoo, a must attend festival?
Introducing our venue is a huge part of this. We have all been loosely involved in event management, promotion and even performing over many years and we wanted to put all of our best experiences together. Hopefully you guys like it!

We have tried to design the ultimate adult playground. A mix of undercover, open air and grassed spaces. Colourful, playful and interactive décor. Pure, crisp, deep and full Funktion-One sound. An awesomely talented international and domestic line-up. Food, juices and snacks from some of Melbourne’s funkiest restaurants. Roving performers, magicians and trickery. Heaps of face-painting, glitter and rides.

And which animal best sums up The Petting Zoo and why?
The ark sums up The Petting Zoo and Melbourne most accurately, we want at least one of every kind.

With Music being such a main focus, any insights on what will be on offer?
Music is a focus, but the experience as a whole is what we want to offer. The style of music will be predominately deep house and party techno, with some pretty big names from Germany, Brazil and France.

We have to be fair and release the line-up to everyone at the same time. What we can tell you is that we have 5 big internationals that will be tearing our mainstage a new one! One of the artists will also be unveiling his brand new live visual show for the first time ever on his tour here in Australia!




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