Strangeloop Create A Masterpiece For The Glitch Mob Return

The Strangeloop crew are well known visual content creators who add a very organic and digital take into their campaigns. To really hammer their popularity home, the list of artists they have worked with include Bonobo, Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend and even our very own Nick Baker (Chet Faker).

Now you can add beats masters The Glitch Mob to that list too. The LA legends have just announced their first album in 4 years and it sounds extremely promising. Entitled ‘See Without Eyes’, it is scheduled to drop on the 4th of May and is already making waves through a series of singles taken from the album.

The latest single is called ‘I Could Be Anything’ and feature the lovely vocals of Elohim, and as a preview for the upcoming album, it knocks the ball out of the park. To add spice to it all Canadian future superstar REZZ has added her own take on proceedings with a very cool take on the original.

And with Strangeloop taking control of the video’s visual direction, The Glitch Mob’s thinking tank can definitely give themselves a pat on the shoulder for a job well done. Check the clip below and line up your iTunes, Spotify whatever account with this new single. It rocks.



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