We Interviewed The Glitch Mob

It’s been an amazing year so far for album releases, and if you are beats fan you will probably be all over the new album by The Glitch Mob. Not only have the LA-based trio released one of the more engaging releases this year, they also gave us one of the year’s most impressive campaigns via various multimedia components. (Check our feature on their collaboration with Strangeloop here). We were lucky enough to chat to the guys about their creative process and more…

At About-Blank we love art, and the whole visual component to this album campaign has been incredible. Was it always in your mind to deliver an album with the visual aspect or did that or that idea develop later on?
The visuals are part of the entire process—we have a team of artists we work with closely. Our art director Dean Grenier is pretty much part of the band. We start with the music and develop the story from there. As we refine that part of it, the visuals all happen alongside. It’s a feedback loop that affects the way we hear the music as well.

Nine Inch Nails is an artist that you all respect. Funnily enough, Trent Reznor is another act with a strong visual aspect to their music. How important do you feel it is nowadays to have that visual aspect to your music?
For us, it’s another way for people to get into the music. We’re interested in telling stories with the whole project, which is why we created the visual accompaniment to the album with Strangeloop. There’s also a VR experience. It’s an exciting time to figure out new ways to use technology to tell stories with music.

Congratulations on the album, it’s really special! This time around what was the hardest part in putting the album together?
The most challenging piece is when it comes to deadlines, to make the big decisions. As an artist, you have some attachment to all of the work, so letting go and moving on can be tough.

Our favourite track on the album is ‘I Could Be Anything’ featuring the lovely vocals of Elohim. Are there any tracks on the album which holds a special place in your heart (and why)?
They all do in their own way. It’s an entire statement, and it’s meant to unfold as you get used to it. It’s the same for us. Right now, I’ve been listening to ‘Keep on Breathing’ quite a bit.

If you could go back to the early stages of the Glitch Mob’s formative years, what piece of advice would you take with you?
Relax, nothing is under control

It’s been a while since your last Australian visit! When can we expect to see you next?
We are working on coming back as soon as possible. We had an absolute blast last time. Hope to see you soon!

The Glitch Mob ‘See Without Eyes’ is out now: https://www.theglitchmob.com/



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