Ransom having a Piknic

Iconic DJ and producer Ransom has a career that has spanned well over two decades. He is known as one of the pioneers of Australian Hip Hop as well as a long-time prolific figure in Melbourne’s club and radio circuits. … Continue reading

Uone having a Piknic in the city

Uone was conceived to the sound of electronic synthesizers. Born with 3 eyes, 4 lobes and headphones attached to his umbilical chord, his fate was predetermined. From these humble beginnings to being the acclaimed artist he is today; we thought … Continue reading

Jesse Young is Cutting Shapes at Piknic

Jesse Young was raised on a parental diet of Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, so it was only quite natural for him to progress into mainstream music. At a young age he joined up with a fellow compadre, … Continue reading

PWD having a Piknic

PWD is the head of The Public Works Department, an organisation established to promote techno, house and other forms of electronic music in Melbourne and beyond. In the 4 years it has been in operation, The Public Works Department has … Continue reading