How An Artist Critiques His Own Work

Stuart Amos considers his paintings as a still shot within a larger story, enticing the viewer to think about how the subject arrived in its present state. In this way, the viewer is drawn into the painting creating an intimate experience. Amos believes his art is subjective as it is a personal experience, in this way individuals bring different views and interpretations to his work. He’s drawn to realism but also uses the avant-garde impact of surrealist style to give his work a sense of power and drama as has been previously exhibited at Beinart gallery.

Being such a talented artists, we caught up with Stuart Amos to see which of his personal paintings he loves the best, the answer may confuse you.

“I can’t say in particular that I love one work over another except to say that I generally love what ever is my more recent work. Naturally you improve at something with practice and I feel that I improve with each round of work undertaken.

I am also very self-critical so I tend to look back on the paintings that I’ve done a couple of years ago and think they are pretty average. That’s how, I think, that people get better at something by pushing yourself to improve. I always think next time I will go the extra mile with the detail or come up with a better concept.”

“I can’t say that I like any one of these five works over another but they represent the best of my abilities at the moment in both concept and execution. I CAN say I like these five more than older works as I have started to incorporate ‘depth of field’ into them. I love the look of good photography and the effects it creates. I feel that adding depth of field and blurring out the background adds a much greater realism to the piece.”

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