This Designer Finds Pantone Colours In Natural Environments

The incredible Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni enter the world with eyes for Pantone colours, throwing the world of paint with a simple definition.

The plethora of colours that Andrea captures is evident through his hand comparing the Pantone shades to that of which represent the environment and landscape that he is situated in. From baby blue to blood orange, these colours illustrate the nature he chooses to see.

“As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved the Pantone fan decks, although more for their joyfulness and color than for their intended purpose,” Antoni told Creators. “So it happened one day that I took a particularly colorful picture and tried to combine it with the related Pantone color. Initially, I would publish the occasional picture once in a while, but now about one-third of my published photos are produced this way.”

Through these pictures, Andrea also tries to preserve the nostalgic emotion, associated with a particular place. “The images reflect the way I see the world, or the memory I have of some places. Some show the sensations that these places evoke in me,” the artist said.

More info: | Instagram (h/t: creators.vice)


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