Catching Up With Squidgenini

Hey, how’s America treating you, any highlights you can share with us?
America is pretty wild, the land of extremes. Driving a campervan around California and staying along the coast was definitely a highlight.

And if you could describe your music to someone who may be deaf, what would that be like?
hmm.. weird question. I feel like all my songs at the moment are very different to each other, but I suppose a connecting thread could be bright colours, high def shapes morphing and transforming turning lo-fi then coming super clean again lava lamp type movements, maybe a bit of graffiti claymation in the background.

What’s your creative process like when creating an awesome record such as alligator?
Alligator happened really organically. I was just sitting at my computer with this heavy frustrated feeling and it just came out in like an hour, I added the final chorus a week later.

Than talking about Alligator, how did you come up with the idea for the music video?
Just brainstorming with my visual creative partner/housemate, Boo. we made it over a period of 3 months, so we could just do each scene as we thought of it and it all came together like a puzzle piece.

And lastly, what’s does the rest of 2017 hold for an artist like yourself?
i have no idea, watch and find out with me xx

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