Spirit and Space – Li Chen.













If this didn’t make you smile – we don’t know what will.

These floating buddha babies are too cute to resist. Made from ink, gold and silver leaf they are as light as they look. They were born in 1998 when Li Chen created ‘Pure Land’ and have continued to roam  the world in pop-up outdoor exhibitions. The lasted being in 2013 at the Palace Vendom in Paris.

What we love about these wonderful little men, is not only their aesthetic appeal but their spiritual presence. Their grace and sense of freedom calm your mind and give you something to smile about. We like to think of it as meditation through art.

Culturally they are also fascinating; each of the pieces capture Chen’s interpretations of buddhist spirit, life and culture. If you look at his earlier works you can see where his more contemporary pieces developed from.

Check out some of his pieces and even their names –  we have no doubt they will brighten up your day!

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