Special Request Produces A Special Release

No one connects the dots between, old-school jungle, techno and acid breaks like the UK’s Special Request. Earlier this year he released a stunning fabric live compilation which showcased his ear for stitching tracks together which might just go down as one of the year’s best compilations too.

Following up his two highly acclaimed albums, 2013’s ‘Soul Music’ and 2015’s ‘Modern Warfare’, is the new LP ‘Belief System’, a 23-track behemoth of techno, ambient, breaks and more. Once again fabric will be on board to release the album through their offshoot label, Houndstooth, who themselves have been on a glorious roll of late with releases from acts like Call Super and Throwing Snow.

‘Belief System’ has been 3 years in the making and recorded utilising source material from Special Request’s AKA Paul Woolford’s tape archives which stretches back to 1993. From its melodic opener and off-beat works, into techno rolling techno jams and tracks made entirely of strings, the time and effort put into this masterpiece is clear from the beginning. And with stunning promo videos to accompany the whole release, Houndstooth is pulling no punches in spreading the word.

And the production gods are smiling on us and will bless Australia with a visit from Special Request, he will be part of the Earthcore dates in Melbourne and Sydney. Released 18th of October: https://www.balancemusic.com.au/store/ 

Tour Dates
Friday 24th November: Earthcore festival, Melbourne
Saturday 25th November: Earthcore festival, Sydney


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