Solee’s Top 3 Records

Producer and label owner extraordinaire Solee is returning to Australia this summer and it has us feeling all kinds of keen! The Stuttgart born Berlin based prodigy is more than just a top-notch disc jockey; he’s a wizard when it comes to his tech house production style. Often laden with some of the warmest analog synths you’ve ever heard, what drives his tracks are his constantly building and neatly curated percussive patterns.

To pay tribute to his insatiable talent, and to get you amped for his upcoming return, let’s take a look out our 3 favourite Solee tracks to date:

‘Timba’ – 2007

Released under Parquet record label, this one is a kick-heavy anthem, a little more minimalistic to his usual style, with a strong focus on distorted samples and instrumentals.

Caillou’ – 2013

This one audibly exhibits his creative growth. Packed a little tighter than his earlier work, there’s more of a focus on melodic phrases while still maintaining his heavy percussive signature.

‘Pink Panther’ – 2017

This latest release from Solee has become somewhat of an anthem for Aussie doof punters, (ask anyone who saw this one live at Rainbow Serpent 2018), the track playing heavily on tempo change, and syncopated rhythms, highlighting an arpeggiated synthesizer decorated neatly over a driving 4/4 kick.

Catch these tracks and more live during Solee’s Australian tour this summer, check out dates below:

Tour Dates
Friday 30th December: Nevermind Smallclub, Perth 
Saturday 1st December: Junction, Sydney 
Sunday 2nd December: LUFT, Melbourne  
Sunday 2nd December: Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne


Words by Marli Grosskopf


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