SAATSUMA Give You Their Top 5 Style Guides

Melbourne electronic project SAATSUMA share their first single of 2017 Isolate.

A collaboration between Memphis Kelly and Cesar Rodrigues, Isolate explores the destructive nature of complacency, and the notion that disengaging from the issues around us will only lead to further decline. Isolate is the first taste of SAATSUMA’s debut album to be released later this year. Their style has always been on fleek, so we thought we would get a guide to their style with 5 of their best tips.

1: CHIHIRO (Jess Milne)

My dear friend Jess Milne runs her own label CHIHIRO. It’s bloody beaut and you should all check out her stuff asap. She’s a seriously talented woman. The first time Jess and I teamed up was for our Floating single launch. Jess made me a HOT pinstripe power suit which is staunch af and I would like to live inside it always. We teamed up again for Paradise Music Festival where Jess whipped up FIVE YES FIVE outfits for the whole band which were embellished with cut out abstract symbols by Ajay Jennings.

The bold reds and charcoals looked v picturesque against the stark white trees at Lake Mountain. Jess is currently working on a VERY HOT LOOK for me to wear on our upcoming ‘Isolate’ tour. Keep ur eyes peeled cos I reckon it’s gonna be the best CHIHIRO x SAATSUMA yet. Yay for creative collabs with friends.

I: @chihiro_workshop

2: OATS THE LABEL (Amy Woodward

Oats are a Melbourne based label, handmade by Bridie Davey and her mum. Cute as. In the clip for Floating, myself and the three dancers (Aisha, Phillip & Amber) wore full Oats attire, generously donated by Bridie. Lush linen jumpsuits and sxc silky coordinates. Actual dreams. Support small local businesses and friends u will not regret it!!!

I: @oatsthelabel

3: GUNDAGAI REPRESENT (Tatjana Hamilton)

We were driving to Sydney for our first show of an east coast tour with Yeo. Everything was running smoothly and it was the road trip of our dreamz, until the car engine decided to fully cook itself on the highway and we were stranded on the side of the road with just a packet of chips and a deck of cigs. It was grim.

We were towed to the nearest town, Gundagai, and while we waited for our fate we checked out the general store. Stuckey fell in love with the place and decked himself out head-to-toe in Gundagai merch and memorabilia, which he then repped on stage that night. Tbh he’s never looked fresher. Gundagai represent.


4 + 5: AJAY JENNINGS X SAATSUMA TEES (Cesar Rodrigues)

Last year we released a run of tees in watermelon and white, with a personalised printed design by longtime collaborator and best mate Ajay Jennings. From the inception of SAATSUMA Ajay has always done all the design and artwork. His ability to translate the music into a succinct and considered design never fails to impress me.

He just always manages to nail the vibe. We’ve just released a limited edition run of the tees, this time black with METALLIC GOLD print. They’re hot as and available at all our upcoming tour shows. My cute mum will prob be selling merch at the Melb show, so if you’re in the zone come cop a kwl tee and have a wholesome chat.

W: / Insta

Isolate tour dates:

March 10 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney with Okin Osan + Cecil Coleman
March 17 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane with Asher Jefferies + Control DJs
March 18 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne with Couture, Film School + Nat Salih
March 24 – The Hills Are Alive, Loch




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