Riva Starr’s 6 Important Tips On Running A Successful Record Label

Riva Starr AKA Stefan Miele is an Italian-born, UK-based dance music legend, and his unmistakable presence behind the decks has been felt all over the globe from Glastonbury to Fuji Rock to Tomorrowland. Starr earned global respect with countless chart-topping releases on, not only the world’s top underground labels such as Dirtybird, Hot Creations, Saved and his own imprint Snatch!, but also on a more mainstream level where he’s soared through the iTunes charts with ease. The impact of his record label Snatch! on the scene has been so big he was even invited to host his own tent at Creamfields, and with that, we wanted to know what it’s like to run a successful record label.

1) Defining the music style and label direction:
It’s very important to start with a clear vision of the music the label wants to release and its inputs, and the direction to follow within the industry being not only based on music but also on style, image and design. All factors have a prominent weight in the success of a label, any wrong perception people may have on it or that a label may mistakenly show, can easily lead it to failure. The better the music and direction defined, the easier to focus on targets, goals, market and dynamics.

2) Having a clear and organised schedule with preferably 3 to 6 months plan in advance:
It’s really important to have a plan in the long terms for being able to organise everything with enough time to coordinate releasing artists, their PRs (if any), contact with stores, socials marketing (which has become prominent) and enough promo time to get always on the road DJs but mostly Mags and Blogs in due time for their publications, this will help get better results and  leave enough time to change or swap things if needed…it’s not easy to coordinate all these people and activities!

3) Having a well defined and organised structure:
It’s very important to have a consistent structure within the business with everyone’s task well defined and organised, so that everyone knows what to do and when without internal clashes or disorganised coordination. Timing is essential in this business along with assets and control.

4) Having the right team of people dealing with the daily activities & run of the label:
It’s very important to have a competent, proactive and organised team which can keep ahead and have knowledge about the music industry and its changes, variables and dynamics which are often unpredictable. The team must be trustworthy and be able to look at the long term of the business, plan everything in due time, and be able to spread the label’s music across all its means and to the various stores, mags, blogs etc.

5) Having the right connections:
It’s very important to have the right connections with stores and build relationships to get their support and appreciation, same thing with mags and blogs which will ultimately attract customers and create a fan base.  Also, knowing the right kind of well-known DJs would help a lot, plus the more consistent the music label releases allow for more of a chance of getting into the real circuit.

6) Having a sense of good music and quality:
Music is the main thing on a record label, being able to find the right tracks and with the right sound and structure will help define the label and its direction, with a particular focus on up – and- coming talents who can be the bigs of tomorrow!

Tour Dates:
Friday 26th May: Geisha Bar, Perth
Saturday 27th May: The Grand, Wollongong
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