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PWD is the head of The Public Works Department, an organisation established to promote techno, house and other forms of electronic music in Melbourne and beyond. In the 4 years it has been in operation, The Public Works Department has been involved in events and tours all around Melbourne. Being such a fan of PWD and with his upcoming gig at Piknic Electronik we thought we should give you an insight into the mind of PWD.

What were your early inspirations that lead to PWD being born?
When I first started listening to electronic music I was really into some shitty electro-house, but after a couple of years I heard some sets from guys like Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Sandwell District etc and fell in love. A lot of time was spent reading the mnml ssgs blog and listening to their podcasts, and it just grew from there really. I started playing techno as PWD about 5 years ago now, and started doing parties as I felt like there weren’t many options for what I wanted to hear in Melbourne.

Was this around the same time you began making your own productions?
I’ve only just started getting into production in the last 12 or so months, but hopefully will be working on that more in the future. I was never really musical, in the sense of playing instruments etc, when I was younger, so I was quite happy just playing tunes, but I have really enjoyed writing some things lately so hopefully that develops a bit more.


And now being the head of the Public Works Department, you have been involved with, Marcel Fengler, Rrose and to this Saturday with Claire Morgan; so which party has been your personal favourite?
It’s hard to pick a favourite, they all have special spots in my heart. My first international party with Marcel Fengler was great, I lost a stack of money but still had an absolute ball, we had a pretty decent turnout all things considered and the party was a big success.

In terms of local parties, Pleasure Planet is one of the best parties I’ve seen in the world. The crowd is super open-minded, everyone is there for a great time, and all the DJs bring their A-game. It’s also been great watching Mania grow over the last 6 or so months, excellent sets from locals and some great special guests as well.


And if you could put together a lineup for a night at Lounge with unlimited funds, who would you have on the bill?
I’m really passionate about Melbourne’s local scene, I honestly believe that we have some world class DJs and live acts here and that’s really something to be proud of. People like Adrian Bell, Harold, DREX, Sam Hilton, Sleep D, Cale Sexton, Dan White, DJ Kiti, Chiara Kickdrum would all feature, but there are so many more as well. I think I’d prefer having unlimited hours 😉

That does sound tantalising! You have toured Europe and played in some of the most legendary places including the dungeon of Tresor, so how did you find your time playing in a place with such heritage?
It was such a surreal experience. A lot of people ask me if it was a dream come true, but I never thought it would be a possibility ever in my life. I’ve got the fliers on my studio wall with the rest of the lineups for just that month, and there are guys like Juan Atkins, James Ruskin, DJ Skurge, Svreca, Max_M, Marcelus, 2562… It’s really humbling that I played in the same space as these guys.


Were there any other special moments of your overseas tour to Europe that shaped you as an artist today?
Really all of it was a fantastic time for learning. It might sound clichéd, but my first time in Berghain was such a life affirming experience, I cried when I first walked up the stairs haha. Aside from that, just seeing everyone’s desire to party was really inspirational. It seemed like everyone was free to do and be whatever they wanted with little judgment

Such a majestic place that is too! So lastly what can we expect from you this Sunday at Piknic Electronik? 
I’ll be bringing some nice, restrained house-y things with little sprinkles of dub and sunny day vibes.

Thanks for the feature and shall cyou Sunday 🙂

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