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Stephanie is a California girl who has been living and designing on the Gold Coast for 10 years. Graphic designer by day, art deviant by night, Stephanie is a Pop Surrealist and Lowbrow style of artist. She loves to draw and paint mostly the female form and a unique stylized type of portraiture with artistic distortions, awesome eyes and cool tattoos. She is constantly mixing her media with ink illustrations combined with watercolors and oils. Her love of bright bold colors and tattoos shows up time and again in her unique style of artwork. If you have a skateboard laying around, she would probably paint that too! Currently Steph is the director of a graphic and website design company, Jungle Design Studios while running her art studio at the same time. The rest of her free time is spent Drawing and Painting Colorful things to make the world more beautiful one piece of art at a time.

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