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Artist // Designer

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Alisha is a self taught illustrator with a love for creating strong , feminine designs often influenced by her fascination of the orient and east. Alisha has a background in event management, marketing, travel and graphic design and at the end of 2011, she launched her own greeting card label. Alisha has a growing love of street art and to date Alisha has been commissioned for a number of projects, licensed her illustrations throughout the USA and Singapore and has exhibited in California, Toronto-Canada and throughout Australia including participating at the Sydney Fringe and Sydney Vivid Festivals since her debut in 2011. ‚Äč Alisha is currently Explore Editor for the goregous Australian designer and maker magazine tickle the imagination whilst pursuing studies in Advertising and works in all forms of graphic design, from branding- logo design to packaging, illustration and editorial and is always craving the excitement and challenge of a new project or collaboration.

Alisha Hinds Folio

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