About: Ingrid H Lee


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Ingrid H Lee (B.Education, Honours-Research, Masters Education- Research, Candidate PhD) is a contemporary artist who paints and teaches porcelain, canvas and mixed media. She travels internationally for exhibitions, art projects, creativity consulting, masterclasses and inspiration for her art works and books she writes. Ingrid is a highly productive artist and creative entrepreneur, and is a sessional lecturer at university in Arts Education and pedagogy. Ingrid is a colourist, whose conceptual works are largely expressed in abstract expressionist style, on porcelain, canvas or mixed media. She sees and feels colour, describing this process as a totally sensory and personal experience. A self-taught artist, Ingrid has completed private master classes and art study excursions with professional artists around the world for 20 years. Ingrid's paintings are found in private collections in Australia, France, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Norway, US and Thailand Royal Art Collection.