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Breaking into the Sydney scene of independent musicians, Brendon has stepped out of the comfort zone to produce a new wave of indie folk. With sounds of ambient and lush acoustic, blended with an angelic wondrous voice, Brendon will take you along a dazed lyrical journey that will lock you in a dream state. Having performed up and down the East coast of Aus, he is now gearing up to do it all again in release of his latest single "Wandering Boy". Capturing the audience with his ecstatic and unique performance, it's easy to say there's still a lot more to come from this guy.

Brendon will be launching the 'Wandering Boy' single with a series of shows on the East Coast of Australia throughout March of 2016.

Brendon Moon Folio

Link: https://soundcloud.com/brendonmoon

Link: https://www.facebook.com/brendonmoonofficial