Why You Need To See Polish Club

1. They are simply awesome.

Yes this is true, they are the best performers because they are simply awesome. What makes them awesome? As they approach the stage from the front of the crowd you truly connect and feel like you know the guys in just their banter, stage presence and overall energy. Whether it’s egging each other on to skull water or their love for Melbourne they continually entertain you for the full show.

– Image by Tom Wilkinson 

2. Their Music Rocks!

Playing some of their unreleased material coupled with some of their classic hits and a mixture of covers that ranged from King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizzard, Mariah Carey and Semisonic, it was just an incredible time. The way they tear their instruments apart metaphorically speaking is something truly spectacular.

3. Good Times on The Reg

Their shows are just bustling with an awesome fan base and crowd. The incredible age range and diversity of the crowd is a true testament to what makes a polish club fan, everyone loves them and it’s really hard not to. It was a packed Gasometer in Collingwood as they took the stage and left it exactly in that manner with going out with a cover of Closing Time with Heaps Good Friends on stage with them as they belted it out… for one last time as their tour came to a close.


Be sure to stalk them on Instagram – they are simply the best!



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