Why Pleasurekraft can’t keep away from Australia

Pleasurekraft needs little by way of introduction. Since storming onto the scene with their epic Tarantula EP, the duo behind Pleasurekraft have remained true to their sound, ripping out tracks that vary between techno and deep house and quickly cementing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. With “Tarantula” reaching #22 on Resident Advisor’s Top 100 tracks of 2010, and becoming one of the highest selling tracks on Beatport of all time, Pleasurekraft commenced their massive journey to join the globe’s main popular acts in electronic music. With the launch of their Kraftek label also in 2010, Pleasurekraft have been exploring the landscape of electronic music without boundaries. Off the back of their Defiler EP, which was released earlier this year (“There is no Safe Word” from the EP was premiered on BBC Radio last month), Pleasurekraft’s Kaveh Soroush has announced his return to Australia to tour the East Coast!

Welcome back to Australia! What are you looking forward to the most from this tour?
Some amazing food like the Pork Belly burger at Chur Burger in Brisbane; Longrain in Sydney; Cookie in Melbourne; going back to one of my favorite clubs in Australia (Brown Alley), and of course seeing what everyone is raving about at SASH in Sydney!

Looking back to the beginning, what was the defining moment of Pleasurekraft when you decided to take your music global together as a production duo and individually as a dj/live act?
Well, we didn’t really plan on going global even though that’s every musician’s dream. It was the listeners and fans that supported the records we made – music we thought were just cool and different to us- that really took us global. Of course, like so many things in life, timing is extremely important, and I think our sound at that time alongside the rise of Beatport (which was becoming the industry leader for digital music sales) all came together to create the perfect situation, enabling us to get to where we are today.  But of course without the fans we wouldn’t be here.

With a plethora of previous visits spawning from 2011, what has been your personal highlight of playing and touring in Australia?
All the food places I mentioned in question 1 (lol) – and my favorite gig in Australia was probably the last time I played Brown Alley!

Releasing the Defiler EP recently, we’d love to know how the beginning of this EP was produced. What were your creative ideas behind the project?
It was kind of a messy cross of a few ideas we had, some influenced by a couple of other producers like Maceo Plex and Radio Slave, and then as it usually happens with most tracks, the record takes a life of its own and goes to places you didn’t intend it to. Sometimes that work, sometimes they don’t.  Lucky for us we got this one right!

For all the aspiring production artists out there, trying to put together their EP, what would be your best advice to them?
Inspiration is essential, imitation is death. It’s great to become inspired by other producers and to study their work, but don’t try and re-do something that has already been done.

Are there any clubs or festivals that when creating your tracks you as a dj/live act can’t wait to play it out to?
Zig Zag in Paris; The BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen Mexico; Coda in Toronto; U Street Music Hall in Washington DC, and Sisyphos in Berlin are all my litmus test clubs for new records. All incredible in their own way!

Lyon at Le Petit SalonAnd lastly what does the future hold for Pleasurekraft?
We have an upcoming remix on Octopus, and a new release (date tbc) on Drumcode as well.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer those Kaveh! We can’t wait to see you at brown Alley!
Awesome! 🙂

Tour Dates
Friday, 15th April: Brown Alley, Melbourne
Saturday, 16th April: Quban, Geelong (Day)
Saturday, 16th April: Coco Lounge, Brisbane (Night)
Sunday, 17th April: S.A.S.H, Sydney


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