The 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Pitch Every Year

Located on the outskirts of the Grampians, surrounded by a luscious line of mountains, trees and an incredible feeling of warmth, is Pitch Music & Arts Festival. In the midst of Mafeking a crowd of 10,000 strong gathered to dance the long weekend away. After having such an incredible time, these are the 3 reasons why we will be attending Pitch Music & Arts Festival each and every year.

      1. The Music

When you have the likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, The Black Madonna, HVOB, Booka Shade and Floating Points (Live) it’s hard to have anything less than the best musical experience at a bush doof. We’re not just saying those names because they’re internationally renowned but due to the absolutely flawless and incredible sets, they graced us with. If you wanted to know a track ID check out the Facebook group, ‘Songs Heard At Pitch‘.  An incredible shout out to some of the local heroes who took to the stage to deliver unforgettable performances, from the likes of GL, ALTA, Tornado Wallace and CC:Disco!

      2. The People

When stumbling or frolicking around the festival ground you can bear witness to some of the most incredible humans we have seen at a music festival. Trendy, of course, but silly and caring definitely. From a group playing a tennis game during DJ Tennis set to two chefs with a batch of chocolate cooking up a storm, there were so many incredible people that make this festival truly special. This is a festival that if you were lost or didn’t know anyone you will leave with knowing everyone on the dancefloor. Never has a 10,000 strong crowd looked so beautiful!

      3. The Location

Surrounding the dancefloors and festival grounds in all directions were the incredible mountains that line the Grampians. It was truly impossible to take a bad picture with the backdrop of blue skies and greenery. The open landscape of the festival created an incredible amount of room for activities and frolicking to occur. The best thing was simply listening to disco music whilst enjoying the best landscape Victoria has to offer.

We absolutely loved Pitch Music Festival (if you couldn’t tell) and will be there each and every year. It was incredible to see the strides the festival took from year 1 to 2 and can’t wait to see what is already in store for next year and the years to come! Just don’t forget to buy a ticket, as this is not something you want to miss out on.

We’ll see you again next year! 



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