The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Techno

Concluding its third year running, Pitch Music and Arts has established its place in the Australian music festival, gaining international attending with the inclusions this year of its Resident Advisor and Boiler Room stages.

Once again situated amongst the breathtaking Grampians in Victoria’s countryside west, the views alone are worth the 3 hour venture outside of the CBD to catch that fresh morning air and watch the sun fade into the mountains and smoke as daylight fades, alluding all patrons to activate battery mode on their light-up getups and fill the sea of illuminating doof sticks on the main dancefloor.

This year, Pitch went one step further addressing concerns of only focussing on its main stage last year with the addition of Pitch Black, a two-story cage-like structure which served as the location for Boiler Room’s stint and continued to create a Berlin nightlife vibe for the rest of the weekend. If you haven’t seen some insane snaps from within this cage, you’ve been living under a rock.

The music of Pitch focuses entirely on catering to all fans on the spectrum of techno music, with a broad range of international and local artists that served to, literally, fill the positioning map of techno from melodic to rhythmic, and light to heavy streams of all your favourite sounds of doof-doof. (Quite literally, the festival placed its entire line up on a positioning match, which you can find inside its festival guide at ).

We’re seeing some positive changes to Victoria’s music scene and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Pitch 2020. As you know we’ll be watching out for the pre-release already to see the best music lineup ever put together in Australia, as year after year they keep delivering! Stay tuned…

Written By: Nat Sherr


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