An Incredible Day At The Zoo

As you entered the grounds of the MCG you immediately hear all the sounds coming from the kingdom. The Zoo was well and truly alive with one of the most epic setups from recent memory. Think Funktion Ones, Giant dancing toy Animals, Pyrotechnics show and of course it wouldn’t be completed with Petting Zoo’s own craft beer.

If you didn’t dress up, I’m sorry you stood out like a cow at the butcher shop. There was a plethora of leopards, panda’s and I swear I even saw Nigel Thornberry himself at this zoo.

The music was the true highlight! Across the festival grounds there lay 3 stages all filled with absolute quality. Some special mentions of the day go to Human Movement and Friend Within for incredible sets that had everyone on the dance floor going absolutely bananas.

Climate didn’t seem to phase this zoo as it went from a hot summers day, to rain and then to a blissful night when all the characters of the show come to life. There were performers and light shows that made this more than just a party. Every year The Petting Zoo is reaching new heights and we can’t wait to get our hands on a ticket for next year already!!

Miss out or want to relive the action? Don’t worry check out the live stream here!


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