A Miami based duo that set their sights upon the Australian shores and not in a convict manner but with their classic edits and remixes. After smashing out gigs around town we were able to catch up with them to recap their tour.

Hey guys, you recently got back from your Aus tour, how did you find being on our shores and what were your highlights of the trip?
We loved it in Australia! Everyone was extremely friendly and laidback, It definitely was a change of pace from the US. The food is awesome, the nightlife was awesome and the architecture is amazing, we cannot wait to come back. The highlights were being able to play overseas and how everyone was so receptive of our style, and being able to absorb the Australian culture and bringing it back with us. It has not only helped our production but also our personal lives.

With a plethora of edits and productions, which one do you personally like the most?
Our Montell Jordan – This is how we do it remix holds a special place in our hearts because growing up in Miami, whether your djing or attending a party that song must be played, so being able to remix it so we can add it to our live sets is a huge plus. We are also pleased with the feedback we got from it.


How long have you been guys been doing this for and is this something you want to keep developing?
We both met each other in high-school and have either been djing or producing since then. We would love for this keep developing and provide opportunities for us to express ourselves through other creative avenues from design to film.

Being based in Miami, what’s your creative process in coming up with the ideas for your remix’s and productions?
It first starts out with an idea, whether we are playing at a venue and the DJ does something we never heard of or just listening to the people that influence us musically, our inspiration doesn’t run short. We first start out with a visual concept of what we want the song to be.

We then sit then sit down until the music starts to fill in the outline of the idea, which usually inspires us through the mistakes we make while making that production. Then when we are ready to release (although we are never satisfied) we press that upload button on soundcloud, then hope you all don’t hate it.

What does the future hold for Paperwater?
Spreading positivity and sharing our energy with the masses!!






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