When Street Art Turns Into Activewear

Pant Active is the project of a Melbourne-born brother-sister team who want to combine their passion for art and active lifestyles. They collaborate with talented urban artists to produce limited edition prints on premium quality leggings and activewear.

Each artist has their own story and artistic journey. Pant Active merely provides a new medium for them to work in and hope to share with the world what these guys and girls are already doing. People get to wear original street art on their bodies – they get to actually be the canvas, we loved the idea so we delved a little deeper and spoke to them about it.

AnnaRuskiddHerbariumPink copyHey guys, Melbourne is known for its street art but we’d love to know how you came up with the idea to combine activewear with art?
It happened over a beer one sunny arvo in Fitzroy. We knew we wanted to make activewear and we wanted it to be different from the run of the mill stuff that the big brands were doing. We saw value in making something special – high quality, locally made with original designs. So it was just like an organic melding of the worlds that we live in and love.

The idea to collaborate with our community of street artists was an exciting opportunity that we had to pounce on. We have some friends who are street artists so we approached them to collaborate with, and also reached out to a few other artists whose work we admire.

Then how did it develop to include our featured artists in Sean Morris & Ruskidd?
Street art is so diverse. We wanted to curate as broad a spectrum as possible for our initial release, so we contacted Sean Morris and Ruskidd as we felt their fun styles would relay well to printed fabric. Shawn Lu is a good friend and we’re in awe of the amazing detail in his work so he was also a natural choice. 

promo_image_1And what’s the most exciting part about each collaboration?
There are so many exciting parts! But the most exciting would probably be seeing the artists’ work emerge from concept to reality – seeing it for the first time always takes our breath away.

We’re all about showcasing the artists’ work, so we leave the creative side up to them, with only a few suggestions of colour and concept thrown in so that we can keep some cohesion on our range.

We love the idea that a person can be a canvas. If you could style someone (a blank canvas) from head to toe, what would that look like?
Matching printed leggings and crop, hoodie, bright coloured high-tops, a bit of bling and some kind of statement hair or sunnies. It’s all about being bright, colourful and unique – being bold and making a visual statement. We will definitely be bringing more of this out with our upcoming new range.

pant activewearIf you could choose any artist in the world to do a limited range, who would it be and why?
That’s a tough one because we admire so many artists. One of our all time faves is a well-known Melbourne head (although now residing in Berlin) – TwoOne. We are lucky to have a very special and limited release coming out with him in our upcoming range so stay tuned for that! 

Like ourselves we love supporting local talent. What is it about Melbourne that you love the most?
Melbourne is one of the most culturally interesting cities in the world. The depth and breadth of the arts scene seems endless. It’s constantly evolving and growing – we feel so lucky to be a part of it.

promo_image_3And lastly, what does the rest of 2016 hold for a brand like Pant Active, any other collaborations on the horizon?
We have so much going on this year! New collaborations with some talented artists, an expanded range of gear, new partnerships and we’re super excited to be curating a group show exhibition/launch party/pop-up shop event in early 2017! 

Thanks for the chat and can’t wait to see more running around town in street art

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