Live Acts Like Opiuo Don’t Come Around Too Often

Sexy, glitchy funk. What more could you want from a gig? The Opiuo Live Band continues to deliver time and time again as they dropped tracks from all over their discography with such bravado that 170 Russel felt like it was going to melt.

Oscar assumed center stage, a position all too familiar to him, as he conducted his funky orchestra through the two-hour set. He showcased his huge, most recent album Omniversal, whilst delivering old school gems like Robo Booty and some new and unreleased tracks.

Image by: Melissa Cowan

Making electronic music live, and I mean truly live – bass, electric guitar, sax, keys and the signature drum pad – is not an easy task. However, The Opiuo Live Band make it seem effortless; every time.

Friday, April 21st was a funk-filled set, packed with hard hitting beats, melodic saxophone and killer vocals. For 2 hours the dance floor was absolutely pumping, as the band did not stop delivering that creamy taco and funkadelic tunes.

Image by: Melissa Cowan

Opiuo has succeeded in putting together a live set like no other. If you are yet to see them, get your shit together.

Live acts like this don’t come around often.

By Eric Berkhinfand


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