Our Top 4 Oliver Dollar Tracks and a Mix to Remember

Oliver Dollar has been a sure party starter and Aussie favourite ever since he first set foot on our sunburnt land back in 2009. Since then he’s made his timely return year after year (bar two that is), and in just a few days he’ll be back again to kick off a giant seven-date tour.

Constantly on the job with new music, Oliver has built up quite the arsenal of original and remixed work over the years. He’s soared through Beatport’s charts, worked with a ton of the best electronic artists in our day and he’s been signed to labels of a similar grand stature.

To help you get amped for the weekend to come we put our best men at work to draw out our favourite Oliver Dollar tracks (and a juicy set for good measure). Enjoy.

Oliver Dollar – Doin’ Ya Thang (Original Mix) [Play It Down]

Let’s start things on a controversial note. It’s no secret that ‘Doing Ya Thing’ has slayed it’s fair share of dancefloors worldwide. It was a Beatport #1 and has been an anthem for years. The driving two-tone bassline and progressive percussion gives just the right amount of groove to keep you moving… and how about that vocal?

Well, exactly, how ‘bout it? As Oliver Dollar started to DJ Mag, this “track was a cheeky bootleg for me and my mates and nobody had any idea it would blow up like that.” With cheeky bootleg, he means he used a Moodymann vocal without the Moody one’s permission. Don’t sweat it though as it’s been all cleared. He met up with Dixon Jr who was cool about and they came to an agreement which appeased both parties.

Martin Eyerer – The Rolls (Oliver Dollar Remix) [Doppelgaenger]

It’s remix o’clock. Oliver Dollar’s rendition of Martin Eyerer’s track ‘The Rolls’ is nothing short of a progressive house thumper. It’s unassuming drive and modest vocal makes it the perfect tool for any DJ to slot in a set when they just want to keep that party going. It won’t be the one track that gets stuck in your head, but it will make you have a damn good time, at the time.

Oliver Dollar & Daniel Steinberg – Another Gal (Original Mix) [Arms & Legs]

Our mums always said it was good to work in a team, and this is some pretty fine evidence that mum was right yet again. Oliver Dollar and Daniel Steinberg have been remixing each others work for a while now, but this was the first time they’ve released something as a collab. You can hear both Oliver and Daniel’s style in ‘Another Gal’.

The unmistakable groove of Steinberg partnered with the progressive drive of Mr. $… It’s just like Nonna’s pasta on a cold winters day, delicious. The EP has been praised by a bunch of amazing acts with The Black Madonna, Justin Martin, Paco Osana, Jackmaster, A-Track, and Heidi all giving it the thumbs up.

Oliver Dollar & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) [Defected]

We can’t talk about Oliver Dollar and not mention ‘Pushing On’. Written with Jimi Jules, ‘Pushing On’ is by far his biggest single statistically (it has over eight millions plays on YouTube alone) and you’ve undoubtedly heard it somewhere… whether that was in a nightclub or while you were shredding in the gym, the chances it hasn’t reached your eardrums are pretty slim.

‘Pushing On’ offers up Olivers trademark progressive housey groove with an added sprinkle of feel good vibes. Add an adorable video of a baby dancing his life away in the dirt and you’ve got a recipe for dancefloor domination.

Oliver Dollar Vs Boogs Live @ In Cahoots 1st Birthday 

When the leading underground DJ in Melbourne went back-2-back with one of Berlin’s biggest techno marvels in January last year, it was pandemonium. Boogs and Oliver Dollar lit up the In Cahoots 1st Birthday like it was the last party on earth. In fact, it went so well that they are shooting for round two this coming weekend for what will undoubtedly be another ridiculous Sunday session at Revolver Upstairs.

Oliver and Boogs will be playing for a mammoth six hours in the cage, so after you watch Mayweather vs McGregor, go watch the next biggest head to head the world has on offer. Hit play on the set below to see what these two wizards conjured up last year.

Tour Dates

Friday 25th August: The Grand Poobah, Hobart
Saturday 26th August: Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sunday 27th August: Oliver Dollar B2B Boogs (6 hours) @ Revolver, Melbourne
Thursday 31st August: Electric Rush, Queenstown
Friday 1st September: Cassette 9, Auckland NZ
Saturday 2nd September: Coco @ The Met, Brisbane
Sunday 3rd SeptemberSunday Safari, Byron Bay

                 Text by: Stefanos Mac


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