Everything You Need To Know About OK Sure & Her Style

Downtempo electronic Australian DJ and producer OK Sure has been turning heads recently with her otherworldly style. OK Sure delivers live performances consisting of downtempo, industrial, dark melodic electronica and DJ sets pulsing with techno, deep house, electronica and…whatever. Coming off playing a plethora of gigs, we caught up with her to chat about everything OK Sure.

Hey Kaysh, what were the early beginnings for an artist like yourself, what first inspired you to be a producer?
I have always been drawn to music, I started piano lessons at 6 years old. I’m not really sure if that was my mum’s idea or mine. I did it for a few years but lost interest I guess. My music has a lot of piano in it these days and it would have been handy if I had more knowledge on the musical theory side of things. I also had guitar and drum lessons at an early age.

I can’t really remember how I got interested in music production, I guess I was listening to things like The Chemical Brothers & Prodigy and thought to myself ‘why am I bothering with the guitar I wanna make those kinds of beats instead’. Plus, it was something I could do solo and I’m forever alone.

Having been creating and involved with music for over a decade, how have you seen yourself develop as an artist from that first day?
Well, I was about 14 when I got my first piece of electronic gear and maybe 19-20 when I released my first song under Kaysh (my original producer name). My sound has changed quite dramatically over the years, I previously had more of an electro/tech house sound. It’s become much darker and slower as I’ve grown older.

Playing live like you do can always be tricky, but what do you love and hate (if at all) most of it?
I basically hate most things about playing live except actually playing live itself ha! For example, all the technical difficulties, worrying Ableton is going to freak out, carting a bunch of gear to shows that might get damaged etc, but it’s worth it, I love being on stage and performing, I just wish I could teleport there with a 100% guarantee everything will run smoothly.

Congrats on the release of Anamnesis! What was your creative process like when first beginning to write such an awesome EP?
Thanks! I wouldn’t say I set out to write an EP, it was more just picking my favourite tracks from over the last couple of years and seeing what worked well together. I work on a million things at once and up until recently I never really thought about how they might work together as a collection of music. I have a large archive of hundreds of songs and half finished Ableton projects, but these were the ones chosen that just felt right for the first EP.

‘Third Eye’ is about 4 years old while ‘Anamnesis’ was written a few weeks before I finalised the EP Masters!

What’s your personal favourite song off the EP and why?
Probably ‘Third Eye’. It’s the oldest track from the EP and if I like something that old, I think I will like it forever. I also really like ‘Xylo’, but I don’t enjoy playing it out live so much. I always enjoy playing ‘Third Eye’ and whenever I’m programming a set, it’s definitely the one song that never gets cut. Third Eye stays forever in my heart.

And what’s surprised you the most thus far on how it’s being received?
It has been really humbling to hear that people are enjoying it. I wasn’t sure how everyone would react to it, or where it even belonged in the world. I’m just happy that it’s finally out and now we can start on the next EP!

If we could get any style tips from an artist like yourself, what would the best ones be?

  1. Spend too much time on Aliexpress or eBay or whatever your online shopping platform of choice is, put everything in your cart then feel too guilty to buy it all so close the window. Re open window when drunk and buy everything. I recently bought a bodysuit with these epic bat sleeves, but being almost 6ft and most things coming from Asia it was too small for me, I think I realised this in the dimensions but drunk Kaysh decided to live dangerously. I really just wanted the sleeves so I think I’ll cut them off and attach them to something else.
  1. You can never have too many black clothes..or wigs..or chokers..or harnesses. I have a few harnesses from Tealecoco but I could always have more… https://tealecoco.com
  1. Stop in every op shop you see. You might find a red power suit. On that note wear more power suits.
  1. I’m going through a phase of having matching hats for all my outfits, I don’t necessarily wear them, as I’m still undecided if hats suit me, but I like the option and you can get plain hats off eBay for like $3. Wear them with your red power suit.
  1. The older I get the more baby pink I seem to be wearing, as I write this in my baby pink pants. Baby pink is the new black.

Musically I fall into a broad range of styles but it’s usually melodic, a bit industrial, fairly dark, moody and ranging from 80 – 110bpm. Lately, I’ve been producing a little faster though so you might start seeing some more upbeat tracks from me in the future….

Lastly, what does the rest of 2017 hold for an artist like yourself? 
I have so much new music that I’m working on. The Anamnesis EP (apart from the opening track) is all older material. I have a lot of new tracks I’ve been working on which include collaborations with vocalists so it’s a little different to what I’ve just released. I’m excited to finish that and get it out. I’m aiming to release 2 more EP’s this year, also no doubt do a million remixes… 🙂



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