Natalie Koval Photographs Nature In her Unique Way

Natalie Koval creates images for fashion designers, models and entrepreneurs. Be it in the studio or on your local street, her work is at her utmost best when she’s in an environment where she’s most comfortable – working with a natural source of light. We caught up with her to find out a little more about her photography.

  • What gear do you use?

Whatever I have on hand. Though these days I’m using a NIKON D800 with a 50mm f1.8G. 

  • How do you find each location?

My childhood was spent road tripping around Australia with my parents, exploring the landscapes through the lens. If I sensed a photographic opportunity, I would nag Dad to pull over and let me do my thing. I’ve since explored other countries on holidays with friends and family, I take notes of all the best places in a journal in case I ever want to revisit.

  • What is it about the landscape that you love so much?

I looooove working with landscapes as a backdrop because it’s ever changing. The weather can change in a heartbeat and that’s the beauty of it – you are at the mercy of nature and you don’t have all the control, so it’s all about going with the flow.

  • What is the meaning behind your work?

My work revolves around the subtle yet significant connections we make in nature. When we engage with the environment through the means of touch, we perform acts of contiguity. I love aligning the subject’s personality with the mood of the environment in a way which is complementary.

I find it interesting to see the way in which we – the inquisitive beings that we are – try to connect and find comfort wherever we find ourselves, so that in some way we’re not alone in this ever-changing world.

  • Which photo is your personal favourite?

My personal favourite is the hair plaited through the branch. It was taken atop of Palm Beach with a friend of mine.

It’s always fun thinking of ways in which we can integrate ourselves into the environment. The images reflect creativity and a bit of awkwardness which is definitely how the images were created!

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