Keeping Company with Michael Mayer

In the lead up to his Australian/NZ tour, Michael Mayer has been keeping some company you’d really wanna write home about.

Let’s play a game: Think of a few of the world’s leading festivals… Did Melt, DGTL and ADE make the cut? Now think of some of the globe’s top artists… Did Solomun, Agoria, Kölsch and Patrice Baümel make the cut? Well, we don’t mean to make you feel all jelly, but you just read Michael Mayer’s recent tour and b2b DJ schedule.

Yep, Mayer has been rubbing shoulders with some of the very best – and there’s little wonder why his rep is outstanding. Well known for his part in starting up the record label Kompakt (one of the most respected labels on earth), Mayer, alongside founding partners Wolfgang Voigt and Jürgen Paape, have signed many of the biggest names in dance music to the imprint. (Take Sasha, ANNA, Kölsch and Laurent Garnier for example)

He’s definitely had a pretty exciting six months, so why stop now? And with his upcoming Australian tour that runs is set to continue. When visiting AUS he first makes a stop in Launceston, then he heads to Sydney with Patrice Baümel, and finally wraps things up at Rainbow Serpent Festival in Victoria. If you’re around any of the locations, he’s really not to be missed. Check the dates below…

Tour Dates

Thursday 25th January: Our House Resurrection, Launceston
Friday 26th January: Motorik, Sydney
Saturday 27th January: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria


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