About: My Digital Enemy

About: My Digital Enemy,

If you’re going to talk about cutting edge house music, then you may as well be talking about My Digital Enemy. Serg and Keiron have been working on various projects together for more than a decade, and have only continued their dizzying ascent as producers to watch. This tour brought to you by Thick As Thieves Touring outfit, will also usher in their new single “Desire Life” in July.

Their label Zulu Records experienced just as much success; their collaboration on Jason Chance’s “Got To Be Strong” stayed at number two on the Beatport’s House charts for eight weeks! As well as releases on their own, My Digital Enemy have released tracks on labels such as Toolroom, Stealth, Great Stuff, Hot Finger, plus many more. We were lucky enough to be able to chat to them, about all things My Digital Enemy just ahead of their Australian tour.

How was it growing up in Brighton, UK with the music you set out to produce?
Yea it was a lot of fun, a big group of us used to go clubbing all the time together and get up to
all sorts 🙂

It really inspired us to start writing the music we were listening to while partying!

You both have been working together for over ten years, looking back is this how you thought it would have panned out?
It wasn’t really planned it just sort of happened. We clicked in the studio and have been working together ever since..

And how have you seen your sound evolve and develop over the years?
Well generally our sound evolves with the music we’re into at the time but still keeps the backbone of what makes our sound ours!

My Digital Enemy has played all over the world and from your experience, which city/gig has captivated your hearts?
We love to play in Miami but you can’t beat London for a good old underground rave up! We recently played a cheeky little warehouse party in Los Angeles that was off the chain.

Sounds amazing, wish we could have been there! So how did you go about launching your record label ‘Zulu Records’, was this something you always wanted to do?
We started Zulu so we could put out our own music the way we wanted to. It is great working with other labels but it sometimes mean we need to shape our tracks to their sound. With Zulu we can do what we want, when we want 🙂

And are there any producers you’ve signed recently that we should keep a look out for?
Zoltan Kontes and Etienne Ozbourne are ones to watch out for I reckon!

Tell us about your newest release ‘Desire Life’, how’d did you go about writing this tune and the video of a janitor busting out to it?
Well it just came together really. We write tracks that we would like to hear in a club if we were partying..

The video has a bit of a dark under tone about people having to work hard in low paid jobs and are expected to love what they are doing for the company for pretty much slave wages.. When all they really desire is life..

What have you guys got planned for the rest of 2014?
We have got some wicked tracks bubbling in the studio at the mo so look out for them in the near future. Expect more from us on Toolroom as well. We’re making our Ibiza debut later in the summer and also a number of festivals!


Check them out around Aus:
Ms Collins  –  Melbourne: Friday July 11th
Goldfish     –   Sydney, Saturday July 12th
Stables Bar –  Perth, Sunday July 13th

For more information check out: https://www.facebook.com/mydigitalenemyofficial


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