Chatting With Watergate Resident Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer’s is well-versed in creating infectious house music. His remixes have also been embraced by the house world through remixes for the likes of Lee Jones, Hot Since 82, and Alex Niggemann to name a few. The Watergate resident is now ready to bring his exhilarating performance back to Australia which includes a performance at Strawberry Fields. In light of his upcoming tour, we spoke to the grandmaster about upcoming releases, previous tours and his upcoming plans.

Hi Matthias, thank you for your time today! You’ve just come out of the European summer, how was the season and what were a couple of highlights?
The summer season 2017 was my best summer ever I have to say. I got a great opportunity to be resident at Hot Since 82 Labyrinth party at Pacha Ibiza. I played 7 times plus the closing and the extra date they had on 13 October. That was a great experience. Met so many new people and really fell in love with the island. Also our 15 years Watergate tour was great with lots of big parties and festivals around the world. The Brazilian tour we did in July was a particularly a big highlight.

You recently produced a track with Ryan Davis titled ‘Hope’ as a part of the Watergate XV compilation. How was writing the track with Ryan and what does Watergate mean to you as a DJ?
It was just perfect and I really want to try this again. I’m very good in doing grooves, arrangements and the finishing of the tracks, but sometimes I get stuck in writing melodies. So it was perfect because he can write amazing melodies and string scores. Watergate is just great ‘cause they gave me the opportunity to be resident at the club, playing showcases around the world and also releasing my music on the label. Perfect!

In partnership with the release there was of course a celebration at Watergate featuring a stellar lineup, how was the party?!
Yes a hell of a party. It started with a 400 people “dinner” – followed by the actual party four hours later. I started at 12am in the main room and played the warmup before Âme. It was amazing and really hard to leave, but I had to ‘cause I needed to catch a flight for another 15 years of Watergate party! It was only after I left I realised I never my USB sticks behind. Definitely, a sign I had a crazy time.

You’re playing four shows in three days when you visit Australia in November, are you planning to spend much time here before or after your tour? If so, what’re your plans?
I have been to Australia a few times and really love it, but this time I will just arrive a day before in Melbourne to enjoy the city – one of my favourite in the world. I will also be staying an extra day in Brisbane, but that’s it unfortunately. I am going to Bali right after, so I’ve blocked that weekend after for a proper detox. It’s about time.

Lastly, you’re playing some pretty sweet events in Australia – a bush-doof Strawberry Fields, Australia’s most infamous club Revolver Upstairs a boat party and for Nights Like This in Sydney. What can fans expect from your shows?
I will play a bit more in the direction of my Butch Remix (‘Shahrzad’) and my ‘Hope’ track, which was just released on Watergate and also some more African influenced tracks. I just like to play grooves and percussion and not the same style all the time. I like to play a little longer and more like a journey!

Tour dates
Friday 17th November: Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne
Saturday 18th November: Strawberry Fields Festival, Tocumwal
Saturday 18th November: Nights Like This @ Goodbar, Sydney
Sunday 19th November: Boat Party & After Party @ Capulet Bar, Brisbane


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