The Crispy Urban House Sounds of Mat.Joe

Currently riding high after a wave of successful releases, Germany’s Mat.Joe is well situated to become one of the heavy hitters on the global tech house scene. With releases on house label leaders like Lost, Katermukke, Mother, Hot Creations and Suara, Mat.Joe has produced hit after hit to become the go-to producers for some of the globe’s biggest selectors. And their popularity is no surprise: Coming from an hip-hop background has imbued their house productions with an unique swing which is instantly recognizable as the ‘Mat.Joe sound’. As DJs they truly come alive, their sets filled with unreleased Mat.Joe gems which ensure their sets are fresh an unique wherever they play. Catch them at one of their 4 Australasian dates!

Hey guys, welcome back to Australia!! Think the last time you were here was a year ago at Revolver, what are you most looking forward to?
Hello and thank you! We’re definitely looking forward to play Revolver again but we’re also excited for all other venues, new ones we haven’t played before.

And what were your fondest memories of the last tour?
Amazing people, of course koalas and kangaroos, beautiful architecture and jumping off a cliff in Sydney!

When you first began in the scene you would call your music ‘Crispy Urban House’, do you still describe your music in that way if so what do you mean by it?
CrispyUrbanHouse is everything you think of when you read it: organic elements, rusty drums, big city vibes. Something like that.

Which song that you guys have produced is your personal favourite and why?
Damn, that’s a tough question → please ask again in 50 years! 🙂

What’s the best thing about being a duo and not a single artist when on tour?
You don’t have to travel alone, you can exchange new ideas and you can help each other.

And as a duo what has been the highlight gig of yours in the past year and why?
Every gig is a highlight when the vibe is right. Nevertheless, it’s always a great feeling to play sunny outdoor locations in SA or AUS.

With your latest remix of ‘My Lovin with Barbara Tucker’, how do you guys typically begin to create a remix like this?
In this case we wanted a specific wide bass, then we figured out the drum groove, found some nice percussions and then we put Barbara’s killer vocals on top.

Any other releases we can be on the lookout for?
Yes! 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to answer those and can’t wait to see you back at Revolver!
You’re welcome! Cheers!

Tour Dates
Friday 20th May: Geisha Bar, Perth
Saturday 21st May: Home, Sydney
Sunday 22nd May: Revolver, Melbourne (Day)
Friday 27th May: Neck of the Woods, Auckland NZ



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