Marvin & Guy Are Super Excited About Pitch Music & Arts Festival

The upcoming Pitch Music & Arts Festival is shaping up to be 2018’s most anticipated festival. I mean look, at that lineup – it’s literally ridiculous. One of the acts we are really excited about is the debut Australian performance of Italian duo Marvin & Guy. Their old-school meets nu-skool flavoured productions are currently peaking interests across the globe, and on top of that, they have also jumped on board with DJ Tennis’ highly recommend Life and Death imprint and family. The future is looking bright. Ahead of the festival, Josh Pavlou got some time with the duo to chat Pitch and what’s laying ahead….

Hello Alessandro & Marcello, thank you for speaking with us today! How are you feeling about your debut performance in Australia?
Hello! We’re shaking a bit ‘cause it will be our first time travelling there! We are feeling super excited as we’ve heard such great words from friends and DJs about the scene in Australia. Also, one of the gigs we have is the super huge Pitch Music & Arts Festival so there is no better way to start the connection with such an amazing country.

While you are in Australia, is there something special that you want to tick of your bucket list?
We both love the nature and everything related to it, so it’s the right place because of this. On top of the list we really really want to hug and do a selfie with the amazing Quokka!

Artists often do not like being labelled as ‘techno artists’ or ‘house artists’. You guys seem to fit somewhere very happily in between! Do you think this label is important? What best describes your sound?
In general, we really don’t like to have any sort of specific label for our sound or the music we play. We came from disco which turned into electronic music, but we kept using a lot of sounds from the old-school disco scene.

Normally it depends on the event we’re playing at: if it’s more “happy” vibes that are required we will go more “soft” by playing mostly electronic disco-ish music; if it’s more “dark” music that is required we will play some techno-ish stuff, but again, in general, we prefer to not operate in just one specific style. We play what we feel is needed in that moment.

Who are some of your musical influences that have impacted your careers as artists?
There are a lot but we would say people like Larry Levan, Arthur Russell, Patrick Cowley, Klaus Schulze, Bobby Orlando and more. As you can see it’s all people that gave something to the disco scene back in the days. We are so stuck in the past 🙂

Having released music on Hivern Discs, Life and Death, Permanent Vacation, Correspondant and XXX to name a few, how do you decide which label is best to showcase your music?
Those labels are basically our favourites and have been for years. We really are thankful for all of them for many reasons. Nowadays we work regularly with Life and Death, because we contributed to a new beginning with the label (in terms of releases and new artists on the label).

We are also collaborating a lot with DJ Tennis on our older Marvin & Guy stuff for Life & Death – and there are other juicy things you’re gonna discover soon 🙂 The team around Life and Death is very professional and we have also become friends with everyone. Obviously, we are playing a lot of Life and Death events with everyone so the connection is inevitable.

In 2017 you released the ‘Equation’ Trilogy on Kompakt which is made up of a number of special edits, what was the motivation to release it as a limited vinyl series?
The main idea behind the very limited vinyl was just that we really wanted to keep it precious, mostly for collectors, we didn’t want see them as a “normal” release because we all know that there is an overload of releases nowadays so we studied every single detail behind that. From the number of the copies to the coloured records, and also the colour scale from black to white. Everything was planned in a very tight way.

The only thing we decided later on was the “Family Box”, which came out even more limited with just 100 copies (we just saw a guy putting the Box for 500 € on Discogs and that’s ridiculously funny how they kill that website ahah)

You seem to have a great connection with the Life and Death family. What is it like being surrounded by such amazing artists?
It’s a bit of a dream come true. We didn’t think we would reach such amazing line-ups and events like these when we started in the countryside back in the day. Every time we feel blessed and grateful for all the amazing things that are happening to us. You also discover new close friends in the business, and sharing experiences with them is a really big part of this job, something that you bring with you year after year.

Life and Death is really building the most amazing parties in the business. They know how to take care of everything, and for the most, part each venue they host has something special literally every time. It reminds us of when we started to throw parties in Parma years and years ago, we first wanted to take care of the venue and all the other details. It wasn’t about just putting 1000 people inside of a big warehouse, but more like building a new home for a night for the people that follow you.

I believe they know how to throw a decent party! What were some of your favourite shows of 2017?
On the top there is the first LAD party at Vila Habana during last year’s Sonar. The atmosphere was totally different from everything that we played at. That’s number one for sure. Then we can say DGTL in Barcelona, Bootleg in TLV, which feels like home now. There are a lot more but we don’t want to be just focused on few of them cause every single party has been really something to us.

What can we expect from Marvin & Guy in 2018?
That we are getting 1 year older than now! No seriously we have new music coming out, our new monthly party at Nitsa in Barcelona called Equation starts on February 24th, a new Marvin & Guy bombs on Life and Death, good collaborations here and there, and we will also start work on our very first album. Yes, we like to be vague 🙂

Catch Marvin & Guy at Pitch Music & Arts Festival

March 9-11th, Mafeking VIC.

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