How Each Member of Major Leagues Presence Is Felt

Brisbane garage pop four-piece Major Leagues reveal their new Album via Popfrenzy this week. The album, produced by acclaimed Australian artist Jonathan Boulet, will also feature the recently released single ‘It Was Always You’. Major Leagues have toured relentlessly in between releases, recently performing headline shows in Sydney and Brisbane. We spoke to each band member to ask them how their presence was felt on each and every record.


I try play the guitar and sing in Major Leagues. I write half the songs and Jaimee writes the other half. I guess my songwriting is very melodic and lyric driven because that’s what I’ve always been drawn to in the music that I listen to.


I play lead guitar, sing and write some of the more emotional-in-my-body jam driven songs for ML. My musical background comes from playing guitar in a Baptist church band, setting the ambience for alter calls and singing worship songs but then learnt of shoe-gaze and was re-born in fuzz.


I play bass in Major Leagues and sing backing vocals. I am an unashamed pop music lover, in particular, the early noughties. Just think of any So Fresh cd that came out between 1999 and 2007 and that’s literally what I still listen to. I learnt how to play bass whilst being in Major Leagues (originally played/still play the guitar) so that was pretty cool but also still kinda don’t know what I’m doing but that’s cool just pretend 🙂


I play the big boy drums because I get to sit down and be as far from the front of the stage as possible. I started playing when I was 10 after my parents tried me at every single other instrument and gave into finally buying me a drum kit and taking me to lessons. In what I’d consider my prime years I could do a pretty sweet cover of Blink 182’s “Feeling This”.

August 11 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
August 12 – Workers Club, Melbourne
August 13 – The Eastern, Ballarat
August 17 – Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
August 18 – Elsewhere, Gold Coast
August 19 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
August 24 – Rad, Wollongong
August 25 – Transit Bar, Canberra
August 26 – Hudson Ballroom, Sydney
September 30 – October 1 – Yours & Owls Festival

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