Lumas Presents Route 66

LUMAS Melbourne and the Australian American Association Present: ROUTE 66 – A Journey Through America. A Special Exhibition celebrating American Art and Artists

  • Special Exhibition starts 25 August, 2016
  • Featuring artworks by Tim Bradley, Dieter Blum and Larry Yust, among others
  • Landscapes and cityscapes representing America’s nature and landmarks, along with artworks by established and emerging American artists.

In celebration of American art and culture, LUMAS Australia in collaboration with the Australian American Association invite you to ROUTE 66 – A Journey Through America, a special exhibition that is dedicated to talented American artists as well as America as a subject.

Clark Kent Graffiti © Daniel Picard,

Opening Reception
When: 25 August 2016, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Where: LUMAS Melbourne,
597 Church St, Richmond 3121
Exhibition dates: 25 August – 6 September 2016

Americana – classic cars, film and music stars, and sun-drenched images of Palm Springs fill us with nostalgia of a bygone era. Glamorous cityscapes and modern architecture, paired with a lonesome cowboy in the desert, remind us of the vast expanse and diversity of modern America. The photographers and digital artists presented in ROUTE 66 – A Journey Through America covers a vast array of American topics, images and landscapes in this display of cultural heritage of the United States.

ROUTE 66 – A Journey Through America features a mix of artists, both those aiming to capture America’s atmosphere, and also to American talents: First working as a director of film finding inspiration in the pulsing metropolis of New York City, American artist Larry Yust impresses us now with his photographic talent. By digitally stitching numerous photographs together to create a continuous photograph with no forced perspective, Yust challenges the way we look at the world. In an aim to allow the viewer to “see the big picture”, he draws from his background in film to produce images full of vitality.

Bruce Wayne Graffiti © Daniel Picard,

Sarah Johanna Eick, a German photographer who lives and works in Berlin, has been photographing various locations in the USA since 2001. Eick’s work plays with American clichés, often focusing on places that have appeared in American films and TV shows and allowing us to feel that we are rediscovering these already familiar places.

German-born photographer Dieter Blum was commissioned by Marlboro in 1992 to capture the essence of freedom, adventure and independence that had been cultivated in westerns staring actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Blum’s iconic images of cowboys were taken in Texas, New Mexico and Utah. Refusing models and make-up in his search for authenticity, Blum photographed these American cowboys while they went about their daily work. The legendary American figure of the lonesome cowboy captured by Blum has since become a universal symbol of these ideals.

All three artists will feature in the exhibition ROUTE 66 – A Journey Through America at LUMAS Gallery in Melbourne.

Her last call II © Stefanie Schneider,



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