Liz West Creates a 10,000 Square Foot Rainbow

Seeing a rainbow is one of the most magnificent sites in the world. Liz West has been experimenting with colour for a plethora of years to discover the perfect balance of each segment. Her latest installation for the Bristol Biennial creates a 10,000-ft2 spectacle of rainbow goodness.

lizwestHer past installation, ‘Your Colour Perception’ was the first time everyone attention was gazed upon her pretty lights. The spectrum of colour in which she creates, engulfs the viewer and lures you into the rainbow maze.

Her work dominates an entire floor of this Bristol office building-turned creative space called, ‘The Pithay’. Transforming a once boring lit office building into a harsh fluorescents with coloured theatre gels that has managements lining up to work in.

lizwest2White walls, blacked out windows and blank columns allows Liz West to control the space, purely with colour. She dominates the room with her installation that makes you feel like the wizard in Oz, being over the rainbow. She admits “the curved space at The Pithay lends itself beautifully to demonstrating colour, as we naturally associate a curve of colour with the rainbow”.

We’ve had our eyes set on her work ever since we discovered her brilliant work a few years ago. We just hope to this installation one-day comes to Australia and more specific to one of our adored festivals in Rainbow Serpent. It would be the coming together of the ultimate rainbow. Some would say it’s a double rainbow.

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