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Melbourne folk-roots and alt-country songwriter Sophie Klein AKA Little Wise is excited to present her new single Under Water and the B-Side Precious. Both tracks are off her forthcoming album Silver Birch, to be released in November 2016 and this is what we thought of the initial release.

LW Green MedLike a breath of fresh air, Under Water brings us the creeping spring sunlight breaking through winter’s clouds, which is just a taste of what’s to come. With laidback maturity, there’s no sense of urgency on Sophie Klein’s AKA Little Wise’s first single off her upcoming debut album Silver Birch. Sophie has brought together a stellar bunch of musicians on this recording to reach its potential, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. Each little guitar lick that’s flawlessly placed between vocal phrases seems so at ease and cradles my calm that’s washing over me with each line.

I’m thoroughly impressed by how well crafted the song is, the layers of backing vocals that give an ethereal mist floating above Sophie’s honest and sweet lead vocals fill the space in a beautiful way. The drum groove carries this song so subtly and is well thought out and not overpowering the delicacy of the instrumentation, well played. What catches me the most is how well the lyrics are married with the music, like the way a quilt cover perfectly matches the bed it’s placed on.

Lucky us, this is a two-part entrée with the B-side ‘Precious’ as a beautiful palate cleanser leaving us just full enough to carry through to the albums November release date. Taking it a step down in mood, the despondent acoustic guitar opens my heart, readying me for another course.

I’m finding an amazing balance in the instrumentation, the pedal steel guitar glistening with sympathy and the clever touches of electric guitar helping to carry the melody in the chorus. Sophie’s graceful and sincere delivery of the vocals shakes away any guard I have on my soul. Megan Bernard and Aria nominated producer Kalju Tonuma have done a brilliant job producing these tracks, handling delicately what can only be described as, honest and true folk stories. If this is any indication of what’s to come in November, I’m waiting in high anticipation for spring to be in full bloom and summer just around the corner, because I think I’ve found my soundtrack.



‘Under Water’ Single Launch Solo Tour
SUN 7 Aug / BRISBANE /  The Milk Factory / With Emma Bosworth
SAT 13 Aug / CANBERRA / Smith’s Alternative / With Jim Sharrock (Doctor Stovepipe)
THURS 25 Aug / ADELAIDE / The Wheatsheaf Hotel / With Loren Kate
THURS 1 Sep / SYDNEY / The Gasoline Pony / With Sam Newton & Alana Bruce 
SUN 4 Sep / MELBOURNE / The Yarra Hotel / With The Weeping Willows

Text By David Ohaion


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