Less Than Zero

If you haven’t noticed as of recent days we have happily set up camp at Less Than Zero on Saturday nights bringing together a collection of the best deep house artists in Melbourne that range from Hoops and New York Cats to our local hero, Ollie Holmes. Commercial road is quickly returning to being one of the most popular streets in Prahran with the newly renovated Emerson just a few doors down and the construction of a large apartment building across the road due to be completed in the coming months. So if you haven’t had a chance to see it for yourself we caught up with Jeremy to give you a little sneak peak of the shenanigans and behind the scenes of what Less Than Zero is all about…

Less Than Zero (LTZ) is becoming one of the trendiest bar’s in Melbourne, but how did it all begin?
We had all been interested in getting involved in a bar for quite a few years now. Finally this space became available and instantly we knew we had found what we were looking for. John was the common motivating factor, bringing together a team that we feel are all different but equally compliment each other.

The transformation and design of this place is immaculate. From original Jgmargot street art on the wall to ferns and wooden shelves, how did you come up with the renovation? Between the four of us, we spend a lot of time in bars, restaurants and nightclubs so we had a good grasp of how we could use the space from the first time we walked through. Anthony, a plumber by trade has a good eye for ways to manipulate different materials hence the recycled timber and copper pipe lighting throughout the venue. backyardAlso besides design what else would you contribute to the unique feel of the bar?
The concept we aimed for is to have a North-side feel but on the South side of the river. To simply provide a local hang out that even outsiders feel at home.

The focus on music throughout the week is extraordinary! From funky inspired jazz nights to hip hop and deep house all running highly successful separate nights. What is the most exciting part of having the most unique artist involved for each night? We have quite an eclectic taste in music and we feel that it is an integral part of our venue. Whether it’s just in the background or music that you can dance to, we strive to push the boundaries of the normal “commercial” sound. In future we hope to host intimate live music and electronic gigs.

The drinks are also a priority here, which we all love! With the vast display of whiskeys from Japan’s finest Distilleries that are extremely rare to find, how did you go about the collection?
Simon sources all of our whiskey’s from various suppliers. We love the Suntory range and they have been a pleasure to work with. There are many products that aren’t available in Australia due to limited global supplies or restrictions on shipping. In such cases, we have to get crafty. For example sourcing from independent suppliers or smuggling illegal barrels of rum on pirate ships (ha ha). Less than zeroThe highly anticipated LTZ Reuben sandwich and dinner menu is nearly ready. How did you go about putting this menu together?
Food is a beast that none of us have come up against before. We’re really excited to explore the different possibilities and provide a simple and delicious but unpretentious menu that people will enjoy. The inspiration has come from local and international bars and restaurants that we have visited over the years and we have worked closely with our chef Sam to create our own individual dishes.

What does the future hold in store for Less than zero?
We opened in a whirlwind, which means we didn’t have a lot of time to complete everything. Phase two of the concept, is the kitchen, which will be opening shortly. After that we will focus on expanding our already quite extensive product selection, refining the different nights and preparing the venue for what we expect to be a crazy Less Than Zero summer. ltz post upFor more information check out:  http://www.lessthanzerobar.com/ https://www.facebook.com/lessthanzerobar


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