The 9 Misconceptions About Underground Bondage

Lehysl is an Artist/designer/dominatrix based in Tokyo, being quite unknown to the art we thought we would delve deeper into the subject of Japanese bondage. In both traditional Japanese style and their own personal style of mixing it with fashion editorials in interesting spaces, or cramped apartments in Tokyo, she creates an almost everyday story. They feel like “there’s a big misconception of the Underground bondage scene and it would be nice to show people different sides and interpretation of the subject matter. The girls I tied are also inspirations for my clothing line. I make Japanese Sukajans with the girl’s images embroided on it.”

1. It’s Painful and torturous.

Not always. It changes every time depending on the two people in rope play. Rope tops (one doing the tying) should think of the rope, as an extension of ones owns hand, and you are trying to embrace the partner with the ropes. Of course, if the Rope bottom (one getting tied) likes it a bit rough, you should satisfy by doing so. Rope Bottoms may also feel pain if they are over thinking. Kinbaku works on the principles of letting go. If you fight you will feel pain, but if you can let go the dark angel will set you free.

2. Sadists enjoy hurting people during rope sessions.

Indeed some sadist are very strict and will force the bottoms/submissive to the limits. The challenge can be a pleasure for both sides. But pure sadists are very rare in the BDSM scene. They are likely to be locked up already, and really up until now the sadists I have met are pretty pussy themselves; they are more scared of hurting the bottoms and getting sued. Honestly, the truth is most so called sadists guys I have met are really just kinda sleazy and unattractive, they pick up bondage because it kinda makes up for the fact they are unattractive to women and bad in bed. However, girls who pick up the bondage art have very different reasons. It’s most likely for artists reasons, or something to empowering, like martial arts.

3. Masochists enjoy pain, therefore, they like being tied up and tortured.

The truth is a lot of masochists are socially awkward and scared to say no. They will go along with something not because they like it but they are good at saying no. Or they really wanna please other. This is why I have so much respect for these a lot Japanese girls. They live by the principle of ‘tsukusu’ that means to dedicate and devote yourself to your husband. I guess this is very shocking to the west. Japan should be a very advanced developed country, however, the gender roles in this country remain conservative and traditional.

4. Sadists look for masochistic partners.

Pure Masochists are pretty boring or too slutty. They will go along with anything or anyone. What’s the fun in that? I look for girls or subs that have a bit of fight in them; I look for subs who chose me as their Dom because they want to be devoted to me.

5. Sadists/Doms do the tying.

It’s true when Doms tie and take control in the rope play. However, I believe being a Dom is a state of mind. Our minds and bodies may often be separated. This is the case for many girls who tie. When we turn the Dom/sadist switch on, we really get into the role, take charge but in actual fact, our bodies may be very masochistic. We enjoy pain and can reach a natural high climax through a sensual bondage experience.

6. Rope Tops (person doing the tying) doing the tying get a kick out of perving at the tied up girls.

During the bondage session an artistic kinda rope top focus on the tying and getting the ties perfect, it makes it very hard to focus on anything else. A more giving or rope top will concentrate on how to please their partner rather than themselves.

7. The tears at the end of a bondage session.

Most people think it’s from pain. But I really I think it’s because we are sad that it’s over.

8. Anyone can tie.

Anyone can perform the act of binding if one has a rope. However binding a person is not easy. After all, you cannot connect unless you understand loneliness and transient love.

9. Japanese Kinbaku/Bondage is very common in Japan.

Japan is a very sexually confused country at the moment. Around 30% of people in their 30s are still virgins. That movie 40-year-old virgin is no joke right now. LGBT is seen as a novelty or entertainment. Kinbaku despite its ancient history rooted in Japanese culture is very much considered a perversion, and with the Tokyo Olympics up head. This world is strictly under surveillance and on the government’s clean-up list. Yes, Kinbaku may be offensive sometimes but those with taste can see the difference between artistic nudes and armature porn.

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Fumi Sagitani 


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