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Kidnap Kid is a London-based music producer and label head who at a young age has developed a name synonymous with consistent quality and outstanding musical ability. In 2016, Kidnap Kid launched ‘Birds That Fly’, a record label and nesting ground for his and others’ musical output. With over 3 million Soundcloud followers it is safe to say he is doing something right. On his recent tour to Australia, we were lucky enough to get some time with him for 5 questions:

Hi Matt, Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with us today! You were in Australia early last year, how was your tour and what are you keen to get up to on your return? 
The tour has been excellent thanks! Each show has been very different but they’ve all had a great vibe and fan turnout. I’ve spent my time off in between shows exploring the mountains in New Zealand. The landscape here is some of my favourite in the world so I jump at any opportunity to visit.

You recently posted on Facebook that your latest work ‘Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate’ was written after going through a difficult point in your life, you also alluded to some more material on it’s way. How are you doing now and what are your plans for your future releases? 
I’m doing very well thank you. I took some down time and am feeling re-energised and ready to start things moving again.

I have lots of music lined up. First is an EP coming this December and then plenty more early next year.

Simon Birch is an incredible artist that does all your artwork for releases, how did your relationship start? 
We met at a Fashion Week party I was DJing at in New York a few years back. He walked up to me and said he was a fan off my music and gave me his contact. The next day I looked up his art and fell in love. I think our styles fit nicely together and he has been kind enough to give me free reign over his extensive catalogue.

We saw you recently borrowed a Playdifferently Model 1 from Richie Hawtin, what hardware do you usually use and what did you like about Richie’s mixer? 
The best thing about the Model 1 for me was the filters. They’re seamless and glide beautifully where others can be a little harsh. To be honest though, I’m much more interested in composition than the technological side of electronic music, so I’m quite unfussy when it comes to gear.

You’ve been taking piano lessons! How are they going and what other hobbies/interests do you have (music or otherwise)? 
I’m progressing slowly! My hands often ache but I’m finding the process to be quite soothing. Other than music, I’m happiest in my kitchen. I cook fairly lavish meals (usually Indian food) for friends a few nights a week when I’m home. I also love climbing and spend a lot of time at bouldering gyms around London.

Thanks again and have a great tour! 
No problem 🙂

Written By: Stefanos Mak


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