The 10 Records Josh Butler Is Playing Right Now

From the north of England to dance floors across the globe, Josh Butler has made serious headway with his high caliber house sound. The talented Northerner has become one of house music’s most revered rising talents over the last couple of years, boasting a plethora of acclaimed releases on prestigious labels (Noir, Cajual, Avotre, MTA, MadTech), gigs at some of the world’s best clubs and events including Warehouse Project Manchester, Mint Club Leeds, Toffler Rotterdam, Chibuku Liverpool, Arches Glasgow, a residency at Sankeys Ibiza, and a plethora of key festival plays throughout Europe. Bringing his records to Melbourne, here are the 10 tracks Josh Butler is playing right now.

1) Mark Jenkyns – Peanut Butter 

Mark sent this to me about 12 months ago and I’ve been playing it almost every set since. I was lucky enough to sign it to my own label, Origins Rcrds.

2) Emanuel Satie – Cat Fight

I love the blend of styles on this track. Old skool hammond sounding synth, bouncy groove but also a tribal flavour in there with the vocal too.

3) Stefano Esposito – Believe 

This track is simply stunning. It’s mostly a breakdown of soulful rhodes chords and vocals, really useful for giving the dance floor a breather.

4) Makam – You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Dark Mix)

One of my favourite Kerri Chandler records. Deep but solid!

5) Anek – Neck And Back

Really cheeky but infectious sounding groove on this one.

6) Brett Gould – I’m Feelin’ Good Right Now

Similar style to the Anek track, totally addictive groove that has space and movement between the beats!

7) Brett Johnson – Mr Johnson’s Talk’n Now (BJ’s Revamped Version)

This is something a little different to my usual style but I’m a big fan of the vocal.

8) Truth Be Told – Somniac 

This is a real peak timer and always works well for me to raise the energy of a room. Especially a festival or big venue.

9) Kinnerman – Tha Break

The breakbeat behind this record gives it a really old skool feel. This is also released on my own label.

10) Gorge – Say It 

This has a little bit of everything I could want in a club track. The tension builds and builds until all of a sudden it pops and sounds like a tribe in space!

See Him For Yourself At Revolver Upstairs 


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