Jakubi on Tour

Jakubi’s unique flavour is made up of an irresistible combination of jangle guitars, hip hop beats and sailing synth rhythms. From melding the sounds of a talk box one minute, to reggae-inspired guitar the next – the band’s diversity is reinforced through their infectious, experimental collection of songs. We were lucky enough to catch up with them just before they embark on a 2 month long tour of the States and Canada.

So how did you all meet each other?
The band is made up of two brothers, two cousins, and our best mate Robi who me and my cousin Addam have been best friends with and played in bands with since i can remember. We bonded with the brothers Jacob and Jerome over a music conversation about 4 years ago and eventually Jacob moved into our house. We have spent a lot of time together since then.

Did you expect feels like yesterday and all of you to click so well together? 
We had no idea that the songs would go so well once we put them up for the world to hear. You would never expect songs you wrote and recorded with your best friends in your lounge room to have such an impact.


What would have to be the funniest moment on stage?
Adz got hit in the head with a beach ball while we were on stage at a festival called The Hills Are Alive. In general watching my cousin being hurt physically is very amusing to me, whether its while skate boarding or falling over doing something extreme and stupid when he’s drunk, its all gold to me.

How did you come up with the idea for the song and film clip for Couch Potato? 
We weren’t originally going to record Couch Potato as the next single. About a week away from the recording date Jerome hit us with some new chords and lyrics in rehearsals. We all put our minds on to it and after that jam session we decided that Couch Potato would be the perfect follow up to Feels Like Yesterday.

The film clip is the result of about two weeks of constant idea spitting and arguing with five dudes that don’t know too much about recording film clips. With help and direction from my cousin Justin Kane we decided on probably the silliest idea we came up with. A couch on wheels being towed behind a car with fishing line, a cute girl, and all of our friends. Sounds like a hit, yeah?


And so what happened during filming that the cops had to roll up?
On the first day of the shoot an unmarked police car came hooning down a leafy street in Northcote (probably tipped off by one of the neighbours). They let us know that towing a couch with a person on it is illegal, who would’ve thought? Following around that police car for the day was another film crew, this one being channel 9’s Highway Patrol. After a lengthy interview with channel 9 and a fine of a considerable amount they left us alone. Look out for us on TV again soon…

You guys are just about to finish up the first leg of your tour around Australia before heading off to the States & Canada, what has been the highlight so far?
Too many highlights! We did our first Sydney headline show and the venue didn’t have a door person for the night so i put my hand up. It was amazing seeing people from a different city so excited to walk into one of our shows. It was truly a spinout!

Also playing up in Karrtha (northern W.A) to a largely populated indigenous community in Roebourne was a fairly magical experience. Red dirt and the beach surrounded by highways with a basketball court in the middle sets the scene of the place, it doesn’t sound like much but it was beautiful. I would probably never of had the chance to see that side of the country if it wasn’t with Jakubi.


Which city has surprised you the most?
The Melbourne show left us all a little gobsmacked. It sold out! Another 30 tickets were released which made the venue 30 people over capacity so it was jam packed in there! The crowd were screaming out the lyrics and dancing up a storm. VIBE!

What does the future hold for a band like Jakubi?
The US tour kicks off next week! Recording a single with Mike Posner. The Kickstarter just finished up and the money raised will go to an EP that will be out before the end of the year. After that, a tour of France, Germany and the U.K hopefully. And after that? Who knows man, but i am really fucking excited!


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