Holy Funk: Industrial furniture at your doorstep

Have you ever looked at the set of Mad Men and thought wow I wish my house had that much swag? You need not wish any longer thanks to the new to-your-door retro furniture store – Holy Funk. True to the style of it’s decor it is run out of a warehouse in Lennox street, and has recently joined the online market. The Holy Funk collection is  affordable, accessible and truly alternative. Allowing you to transform any space into an idyllic industrial vintage pad with unique pieces from all over the world. We loved the creativity behind this quirky brand concept, so we decided to sit down and pick at the brains behind it!

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Holy Funk has always had a vintage, industrial and unique feel to it. What led to the beginning of the furniture collection?
From a young age I developed a fascination with vintage products and was always on the look out for the next piece to add to my collection. Most of my finds came from opp shops, hard rubbish and online purchases. When one of my housemates came home one day with an industrial locker that caught my eye, it was a bit of a light bulb moment. I quickly jumped on my computer to search for industrial styled furniture when it quickly became clear that there was a distinct opportunity and gap in the market. What little existed was either particularly overpriced or somewhat uninspiring, so that night I got the wheels in motion and worked out my plan of attack.

Where does the name Holy Funk come from?
Coming up with a business name was a surprisingly lengthy and difficult process. Registering both a .com and .com.au was a non negotiable for me, and a critical mistake many have made in the past. Each time I would come up with a name I liked, I would be disheartened to see that the .com was never available. I’m not sure exactly how the name ‘Holy Funk’ came to me, but I liked that it was easy to remember, appealed to my target demographic, is somewhat intriguing and can be left up to interpretation….

What is the secret behind Holy Funk’s retro collection? Where do you find this hidden treasures?
Besides our love for fried chicken, Colonel Sanders and I have very little in common… Except that we both keep our secret formula locked away! Initially it was a lot of hard work sourcing products, suppliers and manufacturers. It actually took over a year to get the business off the ground. I started coming up with my own designs to keep things original and unique. It’s one aspect of the business that I really enjoy and allows for some creative flair, so perhaps that’s one of our secrets I guess.



Are there any unique backstories behind them?
I definitely do have a favourite vintage find that sits above the rest. It was a night time hard rubbish pick that I spotted after leaving the folks place for dinner one night. I noticed three large wooden trunks, which I quickly threw into my boot and took off. It wasn’t until I arrived home and did a bit of research that I discovered the trunks would have been used to migrate to Australia around WWII era, so they have real character and would have been on an interesting journey throughout their life.


Over the years of collecting what is your favorite piece that you’ve ever found?
I wish I had read this questions before I answered my last! I do have two other favourite pieces that come to mind. One is a vintage enamel ‘Good Year’ advertising sign that I purchased off the wall of a mechanic in a remote town in India. It wasn’t exactly for sale but I ended up getting carried away and put in an offer he couldn’t refuse. My other favourite piece is my 1920’s Royal Typewriter that my lovely girlfriend purchased for my birthday a few years back.

Does hugo (the dog) have any preference too?
Being a keen vintage collected like his dad, of course Hugo (our British Bulldog) has his favourite vintage find. A keen Western Bulldog supporter, he’s most precious piece would probably be the Doug Hawkins match day jersey that we won at an auction a few years back. He generally like to show his appreciation for the most priced pieces in out house by trying to eat them. Or if you ask him he claims to be just licking them clean.


Lastly, what does the future hold for the business and blog – Holy Funk? …any specials to look out for or anything like that too?
We are always looking to expand the business and add value to our loyal customers. Just recently we launched a Scandinavian range which was a new angle for us and has been really well received. We do aim to continue to launch new products, so watch this space. In regards to specials, we do a boxing day sale each year and like to get involved with the shopping madness around that time, so bargain hunters take note!

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Website: http://www.holyfunk.com.au/

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Showroom Opening Hours: Saturdays 12pm-2pm – 10 Lennox Street, Moorabbin, 3189, Vic.

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