The Whirlwind of Being A Triple-J Unearthed Featured Artist

A dash of guitar, a bit of something sweet, very pretty and a little bit gritty is how Greta Stanley’s music is best described. After a hectic two years following the release of her Debut EP ‘Bedroom City’, the 22-year-old songstress is about to unpack a suitcase of brand new songs into a studio before hanging them in the homes of her adoring listeners later this year. Having recently been Triple-Js Unearthed featured artist, we caught up with her to discuss the success of her incredible records.

Hey Greta, having debuted your latest record Drunk Dreams on Triple J: Home & Hosed, how have you found the reaction?
It’s been really well received, I’ve had both friends and strangers message me some positive feedback, also been blamed for some tears. Everyone (so far) has been really supportive and kind, and I think a lot of people are excited to hear what else is to come with the album.

For those that weren’t able to tune in or may be deaf, how would you describe your latest release to them?
I would describe it as a surprise, the intro sounds like you know what you’re in for then catches you off guard, it’s a little fun, but also quite nostalgic. The lyrics may make you miss something, or someone, maybe a soundtrack that makes you reflect on some of your fondest memories but also leaves you feeling a little sad that those memories won’t ever be made again. It’s bittersweet.

KLP described the record as “Loving this vibe! So full of beans. Makes me wanna jump on the couch like Tom Cruise!” What’s one comment on the record that has been the most memorable?
Somebody once said to me that my songs make them feel like they’re falling in love and having their heart broken simultaneously. I liked that compliment most because I feel that way when I listen to my most favorite songs.

You’ve done a few covers in your time, what’s been the most enjoyable one for you and why?
I have fun with 50 cent’s 21 questions, my brother and me played that album every day on the drive to high school, so it’s got some good memories attached to it, and I take a bit of a girly twist on it, and I do fancy Edward Sharp and the magnetic zero’s song “Home”.

Growing up in Cairns, how do you think that has influenced your style of music?
I think it gave me a nice environment to encourage writing and playing, I lived south of cairns in a pretty small little green lush area, with nearly no neighbours and a one-way road, so it’s pretty nice but also a little boring as a kid so I suppose that encouraged me to pick up the guitar or dive too far into my non-stop mind.

I’m not sure if it’s influenced so much the sound, I’m not really sure where my sound comes from, I just like to sing and I never try to sound a certain way, I guess if the words hold more emotion I’ll sing them honestly and tie them to that emotion naturally.

And to now having played a plethora of gigs, what have you got coming up for those that want to see you live?
I’m playing the eco fiesta in cairns, but I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the list soon! I try to update everything to my Facebook or my website as they are confirmed.

Thanks so much for that chat and hopefully we’ll see you in Melbourne sometime soon!

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