An Epic Gathering To Remember

If you haven’t been to the Yarra Valley or to Grapevine Gathering, then the next few paragraphs will be filled with the utmost of jealousy for you. The events that took place last weekend can only be described as a wine extravaganza filled with smiling faces and music that tantalized the ears.

The busses from Federation Square ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine, in delivery everyone to Rochford Winery, in what can only be described as an absolute delight! Entering the grounds with amass of people you are immediately witnessing some of the epic art installations with a never-ending stream of a Goon running through a crate.

As you explore more of the festival grounds, you realize this is more than a gathering. You stroll through the market, which there were many, ranging from glitter stores to Doof Couture and nothing is complete without having 400 Gradi. The main stage was in full flight with an epic lineup that ranged from house to indie rock and hip-hop, something for everyone.

We absolutely loved Tkay Maizda as the highlight of our day, but special shout-outs go to The Jungle Giants that just was insane. Wait did we forget to tell you about the time Miami Horror climbed on top of the panel staging to finish their set …yes that actually happened! We were simply in awe of the whole day and something that we will be in awe of every year as this is one to pencil in for you for years to come!



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